Trent Brown Unlikely to Return to the Raiders Next Year?

The Raiders are planning (or needing) to clear a lot of salary in the months ahead and the contract that will surely be up for discussion belongs to right tackle Trent Brown.

Brown will count $14 million against the salary cap next year and considering his inability to stay healthy (among other things) in the first two years of his deal, there is a good chance that he won’t be back at that cost.

Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter is one of the respected insiders around the team and Carpenter wrote this week that he does not expect Brown to be with the Raiders next year. In fact, he has been saying it for a while.

“I have said since week two that I do not expect Trent Brown to return,” Carpenter said this week. “I still maintain that opinion.”

The issues haven’t all been publicized, but there has been frustration within the organization involving Brown and Jon Gruden has never been a coach that appreciates players who milk injuries. Whether or not that is something Brown is guilty of might be something for another team to decide on soon.

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22 thoughts on “Trent Brown Unlikely to Return to the Raiders Next Year?

  1. Carr needs to go with him
    Carr needs to go someplace else. He, plain and simple is just not a winning QB. A QB like Mariota, had he played a full season would have won 50% of the games this team lost. He wasn’t a Heisman winner because he was a slouch.

    Against the Broncos on one play, the entire left side of the defense was blocked and downfield was wide open for a 30-40 yard sprint around. Carr opted to stay in the pocket and take a sack. That’s our boy, proud of him aren’t we ?? Question to all that believe Carr should return is: Would Green Bay, the Bills or the Chiefs be what they today if Carr was their QB ?? Nuff said.

    1. If Mariota can get his knees and hips right, he is the better option for winning. Carr can throw short stuff, still struggles throwing the receiver open. Still can’t carry a team even with the cone from behind wins.

    2. I agree that Mariota looked more dynamic and seemed to bring a more up tempo offense onto the field but Its year 3 of the gruden experience, 8-8 is better but not becoming of a much ballyhooed coach with a price tag of 100million, cant lay all the blame on Carr, and if you do blame Carr, whose blame is that? The head coach and the play calling. Gruden can get the axe too

    3. And this is why you belong in a forum and not on a coaching staff. Its hilarious how people who think the same as you do find ways to blame Carr after the Defense was the most atrocious unit in football and cost us several games. The same defensive unit that could have had us at 11- 5 and in the playoffs but faltered on multiple occasions and sent us to 8-8. This is season is on the Coaching staff decision making and on the Defense. Not on the Quarter Back. Get out of here.

    4. Carr was the 8th best QB in the league in the 2020 season. Carr has always had to play for a team with the worst defense, sometimes historically bad, and one’s that hardly give him back the ball from making turnovers. If you were saying this last year I had to see your point but, dude are you blind homey? Carr can’t play QB and DB! This is the kind of idiotic **** that makes me laugh. Anyone that thinks this year was on Carr is smoking crack. People that don’t really know about football should just keep they mouths shut before they get some dick in it. Idios motherfuckas. Where my real Raiduhs at? JUSTWINBABY!

  2. He’s good and can be great , but I don’t see the integrity to do so or be great from him. Doesn’t seem like he wants to be a raider . He likes fire . We can do just as good and pay less. I really don’t like to get into the money thg about people, strictly speaking from a salary cap perspective.

    1. In overtime. In his first start in over a year with a new team, with a day of first team reps. And Carr “won” because of two consecutive plays by the defense in the endzone. Nice point.

  3. He needs to go. Along with that whole secondary. We really sucks on defense. No pass rush we can’t stop at a stop sign. So how do they stop the run R the pass. The are a defensive team. And we haven’t had a good **** defense in god knows how long. And please try to pick up a top wide receiver🤞

  4. Yeh,
    How many times I have seen Carr roll to the right and throw it away when the defender is closing in.
    How many times do you see Carr run down a defender who just intercepted his pass?
    Mariota did once in the only game he played for the Raiders.
    Carr is just not the QB I think can get us very far if ever we get into the playoffs.
    He is another Mark Wilson who we put up for six long years!

  5. Let’s start off by getting a pass rush once again and play some defense in the secondary that’s all we need a pass rush and a secondary that do not rank 31st in the league

  6. Dude, easy on Carr… I take it u weren’t watching the Charger game when he sprinted right “after another bad play call by the O.C.” and severely pulled his groin… if u have ever ever played ball that is a painful injury.. he’ll Mariotta was on I.R. For 2 months… get a clue

  7. Anyone on the “get rid of Carr” train clearly doesn’t understand football. Raiders had a top 10 pass game, which was literally the only aspect of the team that was even top 20. It carried the team to 8 wins. I fact, Raiders are the 1st team EVER to win 8 games even giving up 29+ PPG on D, the previous record holder was the saints with Brews at 7 wins.

    A 1st ballot HOF QB couldn’t achieve a winning record with a defense giving up 29 PPG, but you hacks blame Carr for losing when Raiders D gives up 30 PPG? Holy hell, educate yourselves before making torsos look like a bunch of casuals who don’t care enough about the game to learn anything about it.

  8. Car has had at least 6 new head coaches since he has been with raiders. We had a bad defense for to long need to fix it asap. I would give him one more year due to covid.allow a pre-season and entire summer practice.

  9. BlackBones ,
    Can you read, do you know how to look up statistics on PFF, let me guess, you don’t have a clue what that stands for. On a team that can’t stop anything, do you know who LEADS the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks since 2014? Rogers, Brees, Mahomes, Ryan,Luck,Manning ( either of them ) BRADY,,,,,,,,,,none of those. It is Carr you Moron…. Get a clue.

  10. get rid of brown all he wants is his money an i could name about 5 more you could save money on i would not draft nobody from alabama on hire anybody from the cowboys how were the ones we had this year 2 teams that made playoffs this year drafed defence washington miami

  11. There’s only been 2 Browns worthy of wearing the silver and black and his first name isn’t Trent. He’s gotta go, if nothing else just to dump his contract. Sign an o lineman that wants to work, wants to play. Aside from that, the offense can improve, Ruggs, he’s gotta get off the social media and become a big play guy. Right now , he isn’t living up to 1st rd pick standards. Maybe he was picked too early, I dunno.

    The defense, where do you start with that mess? First and foremost, Abram and Arnette, gotta be dependable and show up everyday, they are no good to anybody on IR.Cant learn if you can’t practice. New DC, Bradley, hopefully he brings a scheme that the defence can learn and perform. If our defence had of been at least top 15, we would have made the playoffs. The tackling was pathetic along with the pass defense. No pass rush didn’t help. Sure, they had a great game against Miami, with a rookie at QB. Then a vet stepped in and BOOM, the defense melts down.
    Gruden needs to relinquish some, if not all the play calling. Too predictable. The running game this yr , like Last yr disappeared halfway through the season. There has to be a reason for that. Anyhow, been saying this for too many years, looking forward to next year.

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