Tyrell Williams Seems to be Down to His Final Games With the Raiders

How about this for a 2020 prediction in the first week of December… the only current Raider wide receiver that will be on Jon Gruden’s roster next year will be Hunter Renfrow.

Sure, maybe Dwayne Harris will be back in the mix since the Raiders can’t find anyone to take kickoffs, but as for the top of the depth chart, there isn’t anyone on the Raiders current roster guaranteed to catch passes from Derek Carr next year other than Renfrow.

Really that isn’t a particularly bold prediction as it relates to anyone outside of Tyrell Williams, who has been incredibly disappointing since coming back from an early-season foot injury. Maybe Williams is still bothered by the plantar fasciitis that caused him to miss time, but a foot injury shouldn’t account for the inconsistent hands that have plagued him all season.

At this point, Williams feels like a long shot to hang around next year, especially considering his $11.1 million cap hit in 2020. He just hasn’t been worth it.

So what will the Raiders do to overhaul the wide receiver group?

Time will tell, but if you can take odds on Jon Gruden drafting a wideout in the first round, lock in your money now. Expect the Raiders to once again be extremely aggressive in finding pass-catching targets for Carr, both in free agency and the draft. As free agents are concerned, the top targets at wide receiver won’t be great, but expect A.J. Green, Robby Anderson, and maybe even Emmanuel Sanders to be on the short list.

Seriously, though, go lock in your bets. It’s free money. Gruden will take a receiver in the first round.

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3 thoughts on “Tyrell Williams Seems to be Down to His Final Games With the Raiders

  1. The RAIDDDERS need to get guys that don’t get injured much. Again losing defensive players and the inconsistency of the offense, we should be looking for a QB as well . Carr is not who he was before. He is not making things happen. He could have ran many times for first downs and kept drives going but prefers to throw it away.

  2. ok you are right the raiders need one top recever i know this is a offensive league bur defence it always will keep you in the game that an special teams just look at new england i still like defence a good pass rusher an a good corner back that can go one on one on the opponets best wideout 1 2 3 in draft

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