Upon Further Review: Gene Steratore Is Either A Liar Or He Can’t See

Credit to the Raiders defense on Sunday evening. They played the Cowboys well.

What they didn’t prepare for was NFL official Gene Steratore and his inability to execute reasonable judgment on a fourth down measurement.

Specifically, it was Steratore that didn’t have the wherewithal to understand that a gently folded index card is, in fact, wider than an unfolded index card.

But a lightly folded index card was exactly the distance Dallas needed for a key first down in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

The folded index card was obviously a bad idea. Steratore’s explanation for using the index card was even worse.

“That was already finished. The ball was touching the pole,” Steratore said after the game. “I put the card in there as soon as it touched, it was nothing more than a reaffirmation. The decision was made based on my visual from the top looking down and the ball touching the front of the pole.”

Obviously, Steratore realized the folded index card was a mistake and wisely backed away from the significance of his first-grade level experiment.

That was a sensible decision on his part.

But to then tell reporters that the football touched the pole? Well, that didn’t happen and there’s video evidence (above) proving it didn’t happen.

There is evidence that a significant gap existed between the football and the marker. The folded index card only “reaffirmed” that Steratore didn’t actually see the ball touch the marker.

The only conclusions that can be reached by Steratore’s words and actions are that he’s either a liar or he can’t see.

And neither are qualities that translate well to his job description.

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9 thoughts on “Upon Further Review: Gene Steratore Is Either A Liar Or He Can’t See

  1. It all sucked. Our performance in the first half. The “call”. DC losing the football. All of it just sucked. Much like this season. 6-10 is very possible. Pride is all that’s left to play for. Oh, and jobs.

  2. Watch the smirk on his face when he gets ready to announce it after the paper thing. He knew he was screwing the Raiders.

    1. I agree. Steratore didn’t get to be one of the NFL’s top officials by being aloof. I believe He was fully aware of the fact that the call would impact the outcome of the game. He appeared to be tickled pink to have the honor of driving a stake thru the heart of Raider Nation. Big Al is rolling in his grave right #JustWinBaby

  3. So sick and tired of people blaming everyone but the raiders fact raiders missed field goal at befor half, fact they gave up 21 yards on 4th and 11 fact they dropped more passes fact they suck this year so u get what u deserve

    1. Right, but it’s not good when the obvious it wasn’t a 1st down. We suck education but give us the right call.

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