Was Derek Carr Unfairly Criticized in His Time with the Raiders? Former Teammate Denzelle Good Shared His Opinion

Derek Carr was a lightning rod for criticism in his nine years with the Raiders, but were some of those criticisms unwarranted?

Denzelle Good played three and a half years in the NFL with Carr. He also played three and a half years against him.

Good appeared on the Graph & Wasted Show this week and shared his thoughts on Carr as a person and as a player…

“I love D.C. as a person and I thought he was a great player. Sometimes I don’t think some of the criticism that he get is warranted because ain’t always all on him. But, you know, when you take that role and that role is the face of the franchise, the leader of the team, that’s what come with it. I can’t think of another player in the NFL who was in the role that he was in, who ain’t had to deal with that.

No matter what the reason we winning or losing, you the guy. You the one who gotta answer . Whether he wanted it or not, you’re the face of the franchise so, you know, it’s warranted in a way. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. You get paid the big bucks to talk through the tough situations, talk after tough losses, talk after the big wins, you get paid the big bucks. So yeah, the criticism is going to come…

I feel like D.C. was a hell of a quarterback. I really do because I was there [with the Colts] in 2016 when he broke his leg and we used to watch film on the Raiders a lot… we watched a lot of their film in the O-line room because I guess they had a similar run game to us. But just seeing him play that year I thought he had a great chance to be MVP. He played real good, especially with the team he had. That wasn’t an elite team… for what he had, that team was good.

I just think some consistency would have helped [Derek]. If he could have had the same coach, same OC, for consecutive years in a row without all the different switch-ups, changes and all that good stuff, I think it would have helped him. Even now, he went to a brand new system.”

The irony of Carr’s career with the Raiders is that he never played with a defense that ranked better than 20th in the league.

The Raiders made the decision to move on from Carr at the end of last year and responded by fielding a top-10 defense in 2023 for the first time in more than two decades.

The Jimmy Garoppolo experiment failed miserably for the Raiders in Josh McDaniels’ second season, and it would have been interesting to see how the season would have played out if Carr had returned.

Carr threw 25 touchdowns and 8 interceptions for the Saints this year, which would have been a nice upgrade over the 19 touchdowns and 18 interceptions that Raider quarterbacks threw in 2023.

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8 thoughts on “Was Derek Carr Unfairly Criticized in His Time with the Raiders? Former Teammate Denzelle Good Shared His Opinion

  1. Yes, I truly wanted Derek Carr to succeed. Interception, fumble and no blocking. He did have some big moments with the Raiders. Well it is time to move on. Much Love Derek Carr.

  2. Garappolo probably would have led us to a playoff appearance. The McDaniel’s experiment failed, but we never gave Garappolo a fair chance. Let’s be honest, the AP experiment failed. Carr? If the NFL was about personal stats and leading your team to mediocrity, than Carr is a legend. Sadly, it’s about winning and Super Bowls and he is not a winner.

    1. No he’s not a winner but what about you how many rings you got and wat r your stats sitting in your armchair? You the looser but get a life

    1. Not that they have a defence and a better team and coaches why not and bring chucky back pics Roger and the nfl off real good

  3. the critizum D.C. received was far. A lot of the problems were because of him. With that being said, the defense wasn’t his fault. He is an average QB at best, not a franchise QB. He went to the saints and they had a better defense and he couldn’t win. He might be the only QB in the history of the NFL to get the same coach fired from 2 different teams. Keep it real peace out.

  4. NFL is the ultimate team game. The other 50+ guys matter…….a lot! Haters say that he didn’t win enough, which is true; his “teams” didn’t win enough, but what teams do win consistently when you have a bottom-12 Defense year in, year out? Some W-L records for QB’s when they played for a team that had a bottom-12 Defense: Drew Brees, 9-times his Saints had a bottom-12 Defense, the Saints were 68-76. Matt Stafford, 7-times, 40-71. Derek Carr, 7-times, 47-63. Aaron Rodgers, 5-times, 37-41. Matt Ryan, 5-times, 38-45. Cousins, 3-times, 18-30. Rivers, 3-times, 17-31.

  5. People love to blame DC for not winning. They don’t blame him for the unstable organization he played for. Even when they lost their head coach midway through the season (Gruden), he found a way to rally his guys to win enough to make the playoffs. Then they brought McDaniels in and he wrecked things again. When they are faced with paying an arm and a leg to move up for a “potential” franchise qb, they need to think about the cost of setting this franchise back 10 years again. DC was a true Raider. Never gave up on his team even when they consistently gave him new offenses, no solid line and no solid defense. Gus Bradley gave them a defense and DC was able to get them into the playoffs. Bring DC, Mack and Amari back home and let them finish what they started.

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