WATCH: Kansas State WR Jordy Nelson Ran Away From Aqib Talib In 2007

Now that he’s in Los Angeles, Aqib Talib won’t be grabbing any more chains from Michael Crabtree, but the Rams 32 year-old corner will still face the Raiders in the regular season opener.

Unfortunately for Talib, that means another matchup with Jordy Nelson.

Their paths haven’t crossed much in the NFL, but Talib and Nelson did square off on October 6, 2007 in a game that Talib would probably like to forget.

At the time, Talib was a junior at Kansas and Nelson was a senior at Kansas State. Nelson piled up 137 yards on 10 receptions in the game, including a 68-yard score where he ran away from Talib down the right sideline.

For your viewing pleasure…

Nelson, of course, was one of the top receivers in the 2008 draft and ultimately went to Green Bay in the second round.

The Raiders owned the pick two spots ahead of where the Packers selected Nelson, but had already traded the pick for the rights to DeAngelo Hall.

Hall cost the Raiders a 2nd round pick, a 5th round pick, and $1 million per game for half of one season and was dropped after 8 games.


Should have just kept the pick, drafted Nelson, and paired him up with Calvin Johnson, who they should have drafted the year before.

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