What’s Causing The Raiders To Collapse In The Second Half Every Week?

The Raiders have a problem. It’s early in the season, but after two games, Jon Gruden’s veteran roster has been outscored 43-7 in the second half of games – and they’ve been outscored 23-0 in the fourth quarter (the Rams narrowly missed making that number 30-0 in the fourth quarter by scoring on the final play of the third quarter).

The Raiders pass rush, which was a little improved over week one, absolutely fell apart on the final drive in Denver. Even worse, the defensive line looked exhausted and some barely put up a fight on the final plays. With 54 seconds to play, this pass rush from Bruce Irvin was as disappointing as you will ever see from him. Obviously a substitution was needed after the previous play, which happened to be an incompletion (so there would have been time).

Irvin was given frequent rests against the Rams in week one and while the snap counts haven’t been released for this week, he obviously wasn’t fresh to end the game in Denver’s high altitude.

Considering the way things ended, three questions come to mind…

1 – Why didn’t the Raiders substitute on the final drive? The Broncos were moving quickly, but on the play above, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther had time to make a substitution for Irvin.

2 – Are the Raiders struggling at the end of games because of their age? Gruden, after all, has assembled the oldest roster in the league. Is it possible that stamina is an issue in the second half? Remember, the body’s recovery time is what age generally affects most. Irvin, who turns 31 in November, can still do what he has always has, but it’s fair to wonder if he can do it for as long.

3 – Specifically this week, why didn’t the Raiders activate Fadol Brown? With two new faces along the Raiders defensive line, a fresh 25 year-old pass rusher could have worked wonders to close out the game.

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17 thoughts on “What’s Causing The Raiders To Collapse In The Second Half Every Week?

    1. Penn missed a silly extra point conversion. FB drops easy 1st down pass on fourth down. Team gassed in the 4th at mile high.

      Gruden have the Raiders way more competitive then last HC.

      It will take time and more quality players on both sides of the ball.

  1. Jon Gruden is doing what the 76ers did. Stashing healthy players and collecting draft stock. Tanking basically

    1. The 76ers is a very good point, but here’s one better for you. When older coaches feel like they’re not the centerpiece of franchise’s puzzle and won’t command the respect of their players because they (are entitled to) make more money (ten years, $100 million) they feel threatened because of their own selfish/childish/outdated (no longer lil’ Chucky images) egos, they resort to hiding behind the obvious, “tanking for draft choices” lines. Then claim, the player didn’t want to commit to the team (A team player), when you never had or found the time to “speak” to the player letting him know and/or decide upon your intentions. And, when things don’t go according to subsequent weekly plans, you throw players and coaches under the bus and take no responsibility for “nothing”. Don’t get me wrong, I all in with holding people accountable. But, how in the world can you call yourself a players coach? Really?

    2. Tanking is not trying. Raiders lost to a superior Rams team that are SB favorites and ran out of gas in Denver.

      Tanking would be the Cardinals.

  2. Stupid mistake of trading Mack honestly and I don’t know why gruden signs old vets SMH I don’t know what he’s trying to rebuild but give Chicago back their picks and being back Mack by any means necessary.

    1. Guess you are clueless with the Mack situation. First and foremost get over the trade.

      Week one, how dominating was Mack but yet Chicago still lost the game.

      Once again this trade will not be finalized until 3 years after the last picks have been picked and evaluated.

      Chicago got what I have considered a walking HOF. They will get to see how great Mack’s game is and how much better he will be with solid to possibly great defenders playing beside him.

      Oakland didn’t have a single player in the Pro Bowl or really worth mentioning. Irvin has always been over rated in my opinion and he has still shown that in these first two games. Irvin road on Mack’s coat tail. He is not a leader nor is he a professional at his craft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is gone by next year. If you watch the Raiders game especially the last drive vs Denver you would better comprehend what I am talking about.

      Oakland was competitive in yesterday’s game. They lost by 1 point. A point that was given up foolishly by RT Donald Penn. This is going to be an issue all year and even though we don’t have a capable backup for Penn, I wouldn’t be surprised if he even makes it through this season. His health and game has deteriorated quickly. One of next year’s first two round draft pick will be on another OT. We already know Oakland will be eyeing a top DE in Bosa or Ferrell.

      Raiders and Gruden will be lucky to finish 8-8 this year was my early prediction.

      This year, Gruden needs to see if he can get Carr back to his 2016 MVP form before his injuries. Once again, if you watch the Raiders, you will see last year and even vs the Rams, Carr health is fine. It is the issue between his ears. At time he looks like David Carr, not Derek of 2016. Vs Denver he flashed his 2016 form. Moving forward this is how and what Gruden wants to see from Carr. The whole season and not just a few games or inconsistent play from his QB.

      About 31 players have moved on from last year’s team so I don’t expect much but a growth year. More players who fit Gruden will be added going forward. It took Gruden his 3rd year to win the AFC West his first go around. I have confidence he can make that push in his 2nd year this time around.

      Back to Chicago. Bears were wise to get a 2nd round pick back from Oakland. Bears banking on a top 5 defense with a pretty crappy QB in Tribisky. I am guessing 6-8 wins. With the Mack trade they are now better than Detroit. They are not better then the Vikings and they lost with a 20 point lead in the 2nd half to Aaron Rodgers on one leg.

      Chicago is far far away from SB contention. They are less than 50% playoff team. But, their ownership believes Mack is that player that will take them to the promise land.

      Probably not SB but with Mack can help Chicago win the NFC North these next few seasons? Minus some top draft picks.

      Because with Mack Oakland would not have won the AFC West. Signing Mack in Oakland would have handcuffed the team from any other personnel moves in the future too. Gruden felt they needed the cap space and those draft picks to make a run at the AFC west in a couple of years. I cannot fault them for that.

      Because as a real, true football fan, it is a pipe dream to think you can win the SB every year. A realistic goal is to win your division. Get that ticket to the big dance. Last but not least a Wild Card if necessary.

      On a final note, Oakland didn’t want to go the Franchise route. That doesn’t help anyone but prolongs the agony. Football is a business at the end of the day and you need to make big decisions. It isn’t always perfect. But I know the Raiders didn’t want another Leveon Bell situation. Steelers up doo doo creek without a paddle now.

      Seattle about in the same position as Oakland with Earl Thomas. They could only get a 2nd rounder tender from Dallas for a 6 time Pro Bowler. So I feel Oakland did make the best of what they had.

      99% of the Raider fans didn’t want to trade Mack, but no way the Raiders could keep improving if they kept him. If you are too hurt by this, change to a Bears fan or you can go red and gold after their 1st win of the season.

      Just stop crying about your old girl friend, umm I mean about Mack.

  3. Two of the primary interior D Linemen, Hall and Ellis, were inactive for the game. The Rams, simply beat up the Raiders because the Rams are a MUCH better team overall. In the Denver game, they just didn’t have the depth to properly rotate the line enough.

  4. Unleash Brown! That dude is hungry. He proved he can play in the preseason our edge rushes have not been there. Give the guy a chance can’t do worse.

  5. Another 20 years of rebuilding,,Here we go agin
    I just cant belive it.!! All the throws carr throws are at the line of scrimmage with a chance of turn over get the ball down field ,,also we need warren running the ball early,,but no warren,,I dont understand!!

  6. I am sick of this mack **** he is gone get over it. If he wanted to be here he would have showed up at camp.We lost due to poor play due to bad depth. The altitude also played a part it was the hottest day in Denver that was a major factor. It is hard to breath at that altitude and then add the heat makes it even harder.

  7. These OLD DOGS can’t catch a worm!
    Shame on you Gruden for this terrible roster!
    I’m a Raider Fan! And I hope we lose every game.

    Go Bears!!

  8. The morning that Mack was traded I felt as if I’d been dumped by my girlfriend. You know that knot in the pit of your stomach feeling. And it hasn’t left. I watched the Bears defense utterly destroy the Seahawks meager offense last night and ever time Mack was involved in a play I had to wonder what could he be doing for the Raiders right now. We all know the Raiders could have made it work. Grudens ego is running this team. He was insulted by Macks holdout so he got rid of him to send a message. How dare he trade the best pass rusher in the NFL and then complain about the lack of pass rush on his team! How dare he throw Bruce Irving under the bus! How dare he assemble the oldest Raider team that ever existed and wonder why they end up on their *** in the forth quarter! How dare he destroy the roster that Reggie has built over the last five years and yet hire all these coaches that are brought in specifically to develop players! Hypocritical much? It’s clear Gruden is not working for the fans. He’s not trying to bring a championship to Oakland. Mark Davis has bought Jon Gruden a fancy new Car that Gruden has decided to come out of retirement to race around the track except the gas tank is only big enough for two quarters.

  9. Rams are a SB contending team that added 3 more pro bowlers on offense. Raiders played a good half vs the Rams but they are no where near their level.

    In Denver, Oakland simlly ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. Penn miss extra point block. FB dropped easy 4th down pass. No on pass rush on final drives to lose the game.

    No pass rush on either games is the huge factor.

    Even though Raiders are much more competitive with Gruden, they lack defensive talent and RT is a huge hole that need to be fixed early next year.

    Rebuilding year but I expect Gruden to get the team back into the playoffs next year.

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