Will Khalil Mack Show Up For Tuesday’s Mandatory Minicamp?

The next key date in Khalil Mack’s absence from Raider team activities is only two days away.

On June 12 (Tuesday), the Raiders begin three days of mandatory minicamp which will be Jon Gruden’s first non-voluntary team activity of the offseason.

As of now, Mack isn’t technically holding out (even though he is), but on Tuesday it officially becomes a “holdout” if he doesn’t show up and the Raiders can fine Mack around $84,000 for missing all three days of minicamp.

Realistically, a fine won’t deter Mack from staying away from minicamp as the maximum fine would be peanuts next to the $80 million guaranteed Mack is hoping to see in the weeks ahead.

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said last week that Mack will have a lot of catching up to do when he re-joins the team – a story that made a few more headlines than it was probably worth. Of course the coaches want Mack back with the team, but Guenther was hardly calling him out.

After this week’s minicamp, the Raiders have about six weeks off before training camp. If Mack doesn’t show up for training camp, that’ll be a reasonable time to start looking for the panic button.

As for Tuesday, it’s probably a long shot that Mack will be in the building.

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2 thoughts on “Will Khalil Mack Show Up For Tuesday’s Mandatory Minicamp?

  1. If Mack is asking 20 million and the Raiders only have 6 million cap space. Where are they going to get the money? I would say the man needs to come in and play on the contract he signed. I’m sure he can get by on 14 million for this season. If he is worried about injury, buy some insurance. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

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