Will Marshawn Lynch Budge On His Asking Price?

Will Marshawn Lynch soon be a Raider?

The former Seattle running back, who turned 31 this month, may soon watch Adrian Peterson sign at a cost similar to what the Raiders have reportedly offered Lynch.

The timing of his deal (assuming it gets done) isn’t coincidence. With an impressive class of running backs entering the draft, the free agent market for veteran running backs could very well take a nose dive in less than a week.

Nonetheless, at least one national insider believes Lynch won’t be willing to come down from his asking price.

For all the discussion about money and leverage, both the Raiders and Lynch want to see it happen. For that reason, the odds are still very good that it will happen – even if Lynch happens to be out of the country at the moment.

If the draft happens before Lynch signs it’ll be good indication that Lynch is willing to stay retired, but in the end, $3.5 million will be tough to pass up – especially from a Super Bowl contender in his hometown.

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