With Ruggs and Edwards Likely Out for the Raiders, Carr Figures to Throw Early and Often to a Former Super Bowl Champ

With Henry Ruggs III (hamstring) and Bryan Edwards (ankle) expected to be unavailable this week, who will the Raiders turn to now that both starting wide receivers are presumably sidelined?

Obviously, Hunter Renfrow will have his usual role, but the player that might be in for a big game on Sunday is Nelson Agholor.

Of the receivers the Raiders are expected to have in uniform on Sunday, Agholor (77) trails only Renfrow (109) in total plays through the team’s three first three games. Agholor has a higher reception rate per route than both Ruggs and Edwards, and it’s notable that Agholor already seems to have chemistry with Derek Carr.

Agholor is averaging 18.5 yards per reception (albeit from a small sample size) and he is capable of stretching field with 4.45 speed. The knock on Agholor has always been his hands, so if he’s catching the ball, there aren’t many weaknesses in his game.

All things considered, the performance dropoff shouldn’t dramatic with Agholor. If he can catch nine passes against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the 27 year-old Agholor will hold up fine with an increased role on Sunday against the Bills. The real challenge this week, assuming Ruggs and Edwards are out, will be finding the other outside receiver.

Renfrow will have his usual role as Carr’s slot receiver, so it will come down to Rico Gafford and Zay Jones to hold down the outside. Maybe even Darren Waller at times.

But if you are looking for a sneaky plug-and-play for your fantasy lineup, don’t be quick to write off Agholor. Carr is going to look his way a lot on Sunday.

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11 thoughts on “With Ruggs and Edwards Likely Out for the Raiders, Carr Figures to Throw Early and Often to a Former Super Bowl Champ

  1. If I read the injury report correctly this morning it doesn’t appear that Rico Gafford will be available either! LOL…. I say do your research before writing an article! Looks like Marcel Ateman is the next man up! DC will do just fine with his veterans as long as the O-line can give him more than 2 seconds!

  2. Very well then, no Ruggs Edwards seems like old news last year no AB/ and Williams, but Renfro/ D Wall/ Foster/Jones/Rico same position again.
    Had we learned something or keep giving excuses and hoping for better days or Hail Mary!
    We play every game with what we have available with their talent/defects from players available.
    Of course this guys are important but they arent available right now of course they make difference but arent available as of now, then adjust survive, dont excuse of this of that not being favorable, rain, snow, or sunny day you have to play , Ready or not no more excuses of not having this or that, just play ours best shot .
    Play hard and shut up!
    Heck lets run the ball all the time if needed put 7/9 guys on the line since we dink/donk and no deep treat with receivers make our game on running until we heal only for a while then go back to balance playing.
    I only imaging and no hoping Carr/Chucky saying Around the end of season was tough because of injuries the result of the season. Imaging to hope a team like Denver/Chargers/Cleveland beat the KC at home for us to go to playoffs.
    We can change our history or not, is up to us,
    Win, loose, tie.
    love my Raiders.

    1. I know that Nelson will step up for the Raiders. Still think the Raiders can get Ross from the Bengals for a draft pick. Seen Day Jones on Twitter working out with Derek Carr. Surprising speed and chemistry from both of them.

      1. I think the surprise here might by Jalen Richard. I wouldn’t be surprised. To see him in two back sets with Jacobs and then motion out to WR.

  3. This is where DC4 needs to step up and make some plays when no wide receiver is open, just run & slide sounds Easy but at least make the effort also wide receivers if they finish there route and they don’t get open find other open spots to get open & make a play that’s what KC and the Seahawks do all the time and some are not fast receivers but they work HARD to find other routes to get open!

  4. I didn’t like the way the Raiders addressed their needs. Quite obvious we need corner backs and a pass rusher on defense. Raiders didn’t draft either. Made to many unnecessary changes on defense. Spent way to much on offense . Raiders think about trading Carr for Dak. Straight across. Neither owner is happy with their present QB’s.

    1. The raiders drafted two cornerbacks in the draft and two last year.! What are you talking about?

      1. Yes they did but they weren’t high caliber players. Instead they drafted receivers with their top picks. Why on earth did they trade Cooper? We gave away two hall of fame players Cooper and MAC. Tell me that makes sense to you.

  5. All I can say is that my Raiders, “for life”, have shown that there is possibility when there is will! I have defended them through hard and safe times, wearing the gear, and eating up my comments when we do not go the winning way. But after all, if we just beat the cowboys and the chargers, I am all good! Silence the critics with no resistance, makes it all 1,000,000 times better! Go Raiders!!!

  6. A lot of mistakes on denfense, missed tackles, A lot from key players, no pass rush. That didn’t pick up until later in the game. On offense this dink and dunk strategy isn’t working. Make plays 20 yards or longer down the field. Read and react on defense. Keep our team healthy.

    1. For sure. Defense needs a different coach. The zone just isn’t working. Defense allows offense to catch the ball and missed tackles allow YAC. Our offense when in a3rd down situation continue to throw the ball short of the first down marker. This last game I blame Gruden for settling for a field goal time after time. Highest paid offense in the NFL and he shows that he has little confidence in them.

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