Would Oakland Be A Top Destination For Offensive Coordinator Candidates?

With offensive coordinator Todd Downing all but out in Oakland, the Raiders are days away from shopping for his replacement.

With so many head coaches around the league projected to be fired in the days ahead, this offseason ahead could be one of the most active the NFL has ever seen.

Which begs the question…

With top assistants expected to have options, how desirable will the Raiders offensive coordinator position be?

The good news is that the Raiders – from a personnel standpoint – have one of the best offenses in the league and it shouldn’t take a genius to get Derek Carr back on track.

There’s plenty of upside to taking the job in Oakland.

The problem with the Raiders, however, is the fact that head coach Jack Del Rio is presumably already on the hot seat entering next season (what happens to the new OC if JDR is fired?) and soon after that the organization will pack up and move to the desert.

There’s also the fact that Del Rio isn’t known to be the easiest to work for.

He may be a swell guy, but few head coaches – if any – have more of a reputation for bailing on coordinators than JDR.

Assuming Del Rio makes the call on his next OC, expect another familiar face (to Del Rio at least) to be a top option for the Raiders.

One such option may be current Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter, who isn’t expected to replaced in Tampa after the season.

Koetter worked well with Matt Ryan in Atlanta, but hasn’t enjoyed the same success with Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay.

Neverthess, he might fit a criteria in Oakland that will satisfy everyone.

There should be a number of up-and-coming coordinator options, but it doesn’t seem likely the Raiders will roll the dice on another unproven candidate. After the way things went down this year, can you blame them?

Until he lands somewhere else, maybe just keep one eye on Koetter (but not while you’re driving).

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12 thoughts on “Would Oakland Be A Top Destination For Offensive Coordinator Candidates?

  1. An unproven OC crushed the team this year…..no way they can go that route again. Never should have dumped Musgrave, but the grass was supposedly greener with Downing…….oops

  2. I don’t think Del Rio should be allowed to make the decision on who the OC will be in 2018. He’s still supporting Downing. Hopefully either McKenzie will make that decision on whether Downing stays or not.

    1. Great choice!!!! He is the innovator the Raiders and Derek Carr need to get back to offensive success.

  3. You give the keys to the car to someone who never drove before and you wonder why it went wrong. This was a growing year for Downing. What did you expect? Now you either take a chance and hope he improves for next year or get a proven OC. This is a super talented but underachieving offense. My pick would be Turner. If you can land someone of his caliber, then do it. The window only stays open so long. In addition, some WR’s who can catch and run the correct routes would be nice. Reggie can only live off the Carr pick so long. Need to get this right. Allen, Musgrave, Norton, Veldheer, to name a few, Ouch.

  4. I’m still wondering three things: 1) Why did the Raiders get rid of Musgrave considering how well the offense played last year? 2) Why did the Raiders hire an OC who had no experience (not even in college or high school) as an OC? 3) Why wasn’t Ginger Boy (Downing) let go after the sixth loss? He’s looked totally lost this year.

    1. Musgrave called a pass play on a 3rd and 19. Up by 11 in the 4th quarter with 11 minutes to go, Carr was sacked and broke his leg ending their SB run in 2016. Thats why Musgrave had to go

      1. One play? One play and they decide he isn’t the guy to run the offense? Come on!!!! I’d rather have him than this ginger headed fool we have now.

  5. Koetter was Matt Ryan’s OC and quarterbacks coach which all he was responsible for, however as Tampa’s HC and OC, his time was divided with HC responsibilities so Winston’s development was hindered. He could be the answer for next Raiders OC and really help Derek Carr regain footwork mechanics and teach him to read thru progressions and restore badly needed confidence.

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