10+ Questions: Sunday Morning Raiders Edition

The plan was to whip up this Q/A on Friday afternoon, but later is better than never.

Great questions came from everyone except Eddie Borsilli, but there’s always a lot of love here for EB – especially when the Penguins are out of the running for the Stanley Cup.

Can’t promise you will love these opinions, but you signed up for it, so here we go…

Is Seth Roberts going to make the team?

If he isn’t traded, Roberts should make the team. He has dropped a lot of passes in his career, but he also has made plays in big moments and blocks well. Good WR4/5.

Do you think Tom Cable is going to ruin our offensive line?

That’s a valid concern. He didn’t do much with the Seattle offensive line.

How does our offensive line stack up to last year’s?

The interior will be fine, but both tackle positions are up for grabs. If rookies start on either edge, there will naturally be some growing pains. Ideally, Donald Penn can return and turn in one more good year.

Do you think we bring back Bowman? Odds?

With absolutely no inside information whatsoever, this is probably a question for someone else. It still sounds like there is a chance he could come back, but 25% odds might be optimistic at this point. They probably have just signed Bowman in the first place, but we’ll see what happens.

What will Guenther do with this defense that is different from coordinators in the past?

Above all else, Paul Guenther is a proven coordinator. Unfortunately, Ken Norton Jr. wasn’t and isn’t. Opposing quarterbacks won’t have time to kick back and have a picnic in the pocket with Guenther in town.

Who starts at FS and SS this year and why?

Hopefully not Reggie Nelson. Why? Because he was so bad in 2017. The plan has to be Obi Melifonwu and Karl Joseph, right? Until one or both screw it up, they should be the favorites.

How is Gareon Conley looking? Will he be an effective member of the defense this season?

After Khalil Mack, Conley is going to have the next best season of any Raider defender. There’s your hot prediction in May.

Why is there this perception that Carr can’t take being coached hard?

Because people who believe that are overthinking… or not thinking at all. The was most ridiculous talking point of the offseason.

There were rumored changes coming to the personnel department post draft. Is that still a possibility?

You would think that would have happened by now if it was going to happen. Rumor is that Gruden wants to add another personnel executive, so who knows how that will shake out.

Why haven’t they given 52 what he is worth?

His timeline for a new deal will probably look a lot like Derek Carr’s last year. Talks should pick up in a couple weeks and late June seems like a good guess as to when Mack’s deal might get done.

Who will be the Raiders kicker this year?

The rookie.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “10+ Questions: Sunday Morning Raiders Edition

  1. I thought most of those were at worst reasonable answers, at best, pretty good. Except for Roberts. He isn’t making the team. Cooper, Nelson, Bryant & Switzer are the top 4. They keep maybe 1 or 2 more. Roberts sucks at WR & can’t play special teams. So… gone.

  2. Donald Penn IS OUT!! I believe Kolton Miller will win this position. He has the mentality of a mature vet and works hard studying the playbook and he is shown how committed he is and wants to be that guy who can protect our leader!! I believe he will..

  3. Love the optimism on Conley. He looked like a #1 CB in his brief work last year but still not enough data

  4. Yea agree on all subjects than can be answered…without inside info…we have like 5.9$ so there is loot for Bowman, but after Whitehead, DJ signing and Victor and Lee and Morrow I think Guenther can make them a legite top 15 LB unit…maybe top 12. I’d think the money would be better served on a safety… DJ signed for so cheap that he could be more of a pass coverage specialist an upgrade to Bowman while Lee takes running downs. DJ may start, but expect the change soon into season if Lee or victor.look ready. but the concerns of KJ and complete mystery of OBi (Why he listed as CB any body watch his college game film he is a box safety needs help over the top…sure he has makeup to be an elite CB, but needs time…Reggie Nelson should only pop up as quality control. Luani is another guy I’d like to see given the opportunity before Nelson…Eric Reid, Tre Boston would look good in Silver and Black. If they can’t be signed(collusion maybe?) Thvon Branch is out there and was having a top graded PFf season till he went down…I’m not sure on his injury status and if he will be ready, but he’d be an upgrade. Plus he over 30 so fits the mold. We have perfect mixture of Former all pro leadership and talented Youth at key positions. I can only imagine what Mack will be able to do with Irvin on opposite side full time and with Key and vice versa for Irvin…Key was a Key to turning this edge unit into elite status…(I predict Raiders finish top 5 in sacks)and Hall/Hurst was the Answer to setting the tone from the interior. Oh and we even have a Tank that can spell someone some snaps without losing much ..at least it’s huge upgrade to cowser and Calhoun. Vanderdoes now being the backups backup also boosts quality control… unfortunately I had Vanderdoes on my do not draft list and even tweeted to RM, he did not heed my advice…funny though this year I said I’d take PJ Hall in 2nd and he did…I loved this draft, thought last 3 were garbage. Raiders floor 11-5 easy schedule but lots of travel, luckily the vets will explain to Young guns how to travel. 13-3 or 14-2 not out of question with 2016 luck..this team is way better

  5. Not suggesting Oakland is going to come out and win the Super Bowl , but they will be a far better team than they were last year . I rhink they win more games and look more like pros doing it . Gruden will have them ready to play Even with Tom Cable , I think the offense will be really good . Gruden will have it looking slick and executive and I think there will be very few games where the offense is a liability . I think you’ll see better play out of the defense too. It was long my suspicion that Norton and Del Rio for that matter , were X’s and O’s challenged people who couldn’t draw up an effective defensive game plan to save their lives . Granted they had ( and still do ) have some question marks talent wise on that side of the ball . But I think Guenther has enough experience that he will taylor the defense to fit the talent that’s there and will put players where they can best play to their strengths . I for one look for significant change in HOW the Raiders play football . The standings however , may not reflect the improvements at season’s end . They have a lot to figure out year one but I’m confident Gruden will have this team on a winning track very soon .

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