Trainer Says Kolton Miller Is “A Grinder In Every Regard”

Kolton Miller may turn out to be the steal of the 2018 draft, but for now the general scouting community doesn’t seem to be particularly impressed by the Raiders first round pick.

Miller needs to add muscle and weight and his technique has also met some criticism. But with his athleticism at 6’9, 310 pounds, Miller has the potential to be an elite left tackle.

It will be interesting to see how he fares in training camp and the preseason, but until then, the most interesting information on Miller probably comes from those who already know him.

Jon Osterhout is the director of the Linemen Win Games camp and has been working with Miller since his sophomore year in high school.

This is what Osterhout told the Sacramento Bee about Miller:

“Kolton’s already a consummate pro. It’s part of his DNA, that lunch-pail mentality…

He’s a sponge, and he’s a grinder in every regard. He’s very diligent and very process-based on how to create the best version of himself. It’s that simple. He’s organized and detailed and has a plan for everything, and he does it with tremendous intention. What you see is what you truly get. He’s locked in.

He has all the intangibles, and he’s a tremendous football player. These guys don’t drop out of trees with sheer size and athleticism and want and desire.”

Sounds something like a guy Jon Gruden is going to like, doesn’t he?

If all goes as planned, Miller will jump into an immediate starting role along Tom Cable’s offensive line – and the rumor is the Raiders would love to plug Miller in at left tackle right away if he’s up to the challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Trainer Says Kolton Miller Is “A Grinder In Every Regard”

  1. I like the pick 10-15 range. I like to draft based off “SALARY Cap term needs” meaning grab a player at position that’s expensive to fill…anyone see what OG are getting draft is based off Potential…unless your the Browns..uhmm Baker. And LT just had linsfranc surgery and the other was Breno Giacomini who is just awful…I mean if he can’t beat out Breno, Deadpool’s blind side kick could block better than Breno. But he is a mean son of a bitch and that will run off in Miller and Parker and whatever is left over from the Del Rio Trump regime.. the next position I would had drafted if not first was pass rusher, but I thought keys best was better than chubb, consistency another thing…people fail to realize just how fucking good this draft was… The last few years I loved the team Jacksonville and Saints have been drafting. I also had Tredavious white my #2 corner last year behind lattimore., I had Marcus Williams #1 safety over hooker(and I’m die hard Buckeye and raider fan) I had Mike Thomas as #1 received a few years back. I also had Hall and Hurst rated as the top 2 3 techs in NFL draft and Nick Nelson #3cover corner and #4 rated overall. I see Nelson as a near carbon copy of Tre white with more athleticism. Plus Wisconsin produces consulate professionals . Parker another FCS man crush of mine I had us taking in 4th so was not upset with 3rd pick. I only had us taking Miller hall and key and Miller hall and Nelson in another mock, the fact we picked up key, Hurst, a Punter who brought his kicker(BOGO) a first team all packed 12(2nd year in a row we scored an all packed 12 first teamer after 6th rd, Luani) oh and somehow managed to upgrade the 5/6 WR slot and get a guy who could potentially be a #2 if not a great #4 Redzone threat we been missing since Holmes jettisoned. Ateman, Cook, Nelson, Roberts, and Bryant all 6’3″+ and then Cooper…we should be top 3-5 Redzone offense…hell total offense…the defense will finish top 12. …sorry went off on tangent…just get real excited when I rant about the RAIDERS…AFC WEST CHAMP GAME HERE WE COME.

    1. Really glad you posted all that. It is very good information and helps me with some of the qualities and intangibles that I didn’t know about these players. Thank you. RNFL

  2. I don’t want him at LT right away.
    Put him on the right side and let him learn in his rookie year. Then hopefully he will be ready for the left side in year two.
    Penn can still get the job done at LT for another year.

    1. Really….Penn. I used to love the idea of Penn the before the Ann Frank (2 broken bones) in foot and previous to Carr’s broken leg. I like the transition of he can keep Carr clean. Penn at right tackle .makes alot of sense.

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