10 Questions: What Will Become Of Lynch And Crabtree, And What Surprise Could Be Coming Under Jon Gruden?

We’ll see how this goes. Maybe every Friday will be fun to answer questions on here. Don’t get the wrong impression, these “answers” are mostly opinions. `

I promised 10 questions, you get 9. The dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Lets get started…

Why did the Raiders play Derek Carr through his back injury?

At the time of the decision (the first game he was held out), the Chiefs were 4-0 and the Raiders were 2-2. Carr badly wanted to play against the Ravens, but the coaches held him out. After a loss to Baltimore, the Raiders (2-3) were three games behind Kansas City (5-0) in the AFC West. There was probably some desperation involved in the decision that maybe wouldn’t have been there if the Chiefs didn’t start the season so well.

Is $100 million the 10 year investment on a 20 year payout? I mean, DOES Gruden build a juggernaut in less than 10 years that’ll dominate for a couple decades?

That’s a tough question to answer – mainly because I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mark Davis knew he had to make a change at head coach (the details on that will emerge over time) and was sick of hiring coaches not named Jon Gruden. Both Davis and Reggie McKenzie put the full court press on Gruden in 2012, but got nowhere. With so much riding on their move to Las Vegas, the Raiders couldn’t afford to miss on their next coach. $100 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Raiders stand to lose by opening their new stadium with a clown show – Vegas already has enough of those.

If the index card game went the other way would JDR still be in Oakland?

Don’t think so. There’s a chance Del Rio’s turkey was mostly cooked by Thanksgiving.

Will Marshawn Lynch return in any role?

Sure seems like maybe not. How’s that for a firm answer?

Will Michael Crabtree be back?

This is tough because Crabtree can still play at a high level. When he wants to be, I think he might be the toughest red zone target in the league to defend. The Raiders could use him back, but there are still fractured relationships that didn’t leave the building with the former coaching staff. He also doesn’t have fantastic work ethic. Maybe Gruden could change that?

Is the wide receiver corps going to get an overhaul?

I don’t know, but I’ve heard the Raiders plan to spend in free agency. It’s hard to imagine Gruden ignoring the position if Crabtree doesn’t return.

Is all hope lost for Aldon Smith?

If the Raiders haven’t dumped him yet, there’s still hope. Might be interesting to see Gruden’s approach to keeping him around. The good news is, Aldon has been laying low it seems.

What are your expectations for Amari Cooper this season? 

Believe it or not, I wasn’t sold on Cooper going into the season. Just too inconsistent. Then right before the start of the season, I changed my tune. Should have stayed with my instincts. My instincts tell me Cooper is going to absolutely explode under Gruden. Everyone is talking about the impact ‘Chucky’ will have on Carr. Watch what happens to Amari.

What surprise move does Gruden make this off-season?

Tough question! By definition, a ‘surprise’ would be something that no one expects, and that includes me. This is a bit of a cop-out, but don’t you imagine there are a few players Gruden has fallen in love with over the years? I’ve heard there are one or two he might go after pretty hard. Maybe expect a couple of considerable trades in the coming months – a player or two who aren’t necessarily considered available at the moment.

If the response is alright, we’ll try this again next week…

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4 thoughts on “10 Questions: What Will Become Of Lynch And Crabtree, And What Surprise Could Be Coming Under Jon Gruden?

  1. I like the last one. This team needs to get creative, both in the draft and straight-up trades. Go after some top-tier talent and throw away a 2nd or 3rd rounder if you have to do so. Why can’t WE be the team who trades for Sheldon Richardson, for example? Go after some nasty pass-rushing DT’s who can crush the QB. Get things moving a bit. Stop waiting around year after year hoping and praying you pull 5 quality starters from the draft. You don’t have to get stupid and blow up the salary cap, but **** go get some talent! Help out Khalil Mack and Derek Carr while they’re still legit stars! This is why I don’t like Reggie McKenzie: He’s WAY too conservative and believes he’s a god in the draft. In reality, he’s blown the top end of the last 3 drafts, outside of 1-2 guys.

    Anyway, some good talking points in this piece…….

  2. Free agency and the Oakland Raiders has been fraught with angels and demons. Al Davis (RIP) started to pursue free agents in a manner that cost this organization millions long after they were dumped. Some panned out but so many did not. Growing from the draft is sound planning and good for the team. Yes, a solid free agent here and there (see the O line) makes great sense as long as they don’t mortgage the farm to do so. Say what you want about Reggie McKenzie but his contract prowess has gotten the team out from under tons of dead money and looked towards the future to make sure contracts don’t strangle the teams ability to grow. We all want the best team to take the field and I hope the LEADERSHIP John Gruden brings is what will really take this team to next level. Leadership was absent last season.

  3. I understand the want for trade, but the Sheldon Richardson trade is not a good example. He played well first 3 games then tailored off….at the cost of a 2nd rounder and a WR that went over 1,000 yards.

    I think the big surprise will be: trading Amari Cooper. It’ll devastate the fan base (me as well) but i dont see Gruden having patience for concentration drops. As good as Cooper can be, there is something mentally that isnt there and corners seem to get in his head. Maybe its what Cooper needs also. But think of it: how bad would this shake the team and get guys focused?

    Also, if Raiders sign a WR, let it be Landry over Robinson. Robinson had a lot of drops the year before last and a bad injury the year before last. Lets pay the guy with sure hands and moves the chains.

  4. I really don’t understand the need to let Marshawn go. He was clearly not utilized properly under the last coaching staff. Second half of the season we saw the Beastmode we were used to seeing in Seattle & Buffalo. Plus Gruden loves a big RB. Would love to see Marshawn & Gruden work together to bring Oakland a championship.

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