Who Were The “Not Great People” In The Raiders Locker Room?

Last month, play-by-play voice Greg Papa said the Raiders needed to part ways with some “not great people” in the locker room.

“It’s something I’ve known about for a while but haven’t talked about because the coaches haven’t talked about it publicly. The culture around this football team has clearly regressed. Some guys on this team they got to get out of here, that are not playing well and not great people.”

Naturally, who doesn’t want to know who he was talking about?

Be your own judge, but Vic Tafur threw out a couple names that the former coaching staff probably would have labeled as disruptive forces in the locker room.

Whether or not they are “not great people” is another discussion, but maybe this is who Papa was referencing in December…

Via The Athletic:

“There have been a lot of whispers about the effect Crabtree and Lynch, with their sometimes laid-back approach, had on the winning culture that Del Rio had built with a 12-4 season in 2016.”

Obviously, Crabtree was on the roster – and played well – during the Raiders remarkable 2016 season, but he certainly fell out of favor with coaches since.

Lynch wasn’t on the roster in 2016 and was easily the best running back on the Raiders roster this season. He also brought a circus to town which, not surprisingly, didn’t sit well with everyone.

Given the fact that Lynch and Crabtree can still play at a high level, it’s possible Jon Gruden will choose to move forward with one or both.

Or maybe there have been enough fractured relationships still in the building that general manager Reggie McKenzie will advise Gruden to go in other directions.

For what it’s worth, Lynch and Crabtree are under contract through next year, but both can be released without the consequence of any dead money.

Gut feeling?

Raiders move forward without both.

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20 thoughts on “Who Were The “Not Great People” In The Raiders Locker Room?

  1. Well I believe comments that Crabtree played well during 2016 is erroneous. Crabtree might have displayed some decent looking numbers but the facts are that he had a lot of dropped passes as did other receivers (minus Holmes who I feel was Raiders best receiver had he been presented with opportunities). Crabtree has a disease called droppsies and it has plagued him his entire time with Raiders. A lot are just ridiculously easy right to him passes. Then add to that the fact that Crabtree is a slow receiver and needs to create separation with substantial push-offs, holding, and other tactics that causes him penalties or can a great deal of plays. He also hurts himself by wearing gaudy chains that hang loosely and create the issues he has had with defenders. Raiders should not have brought him back in 2017 and I have doubts about any Raiders team that employs Crabtree as a primary receiver. Crabtree should have never started in front of Andre Holmes and the Raiders made HUGE mistake when they allowed Holmes to leave. I believe Cooper is undeserving of big contract due to his bout with same droppsies disease. Seth Roberts also suffers from disease yet Raiders give these receivers new contracts and then wonder why they had the type of season they had.

    As far as Lynch yes he was Raiders best running back; still had plenty in tank; could have produced a lot more had Del Rio used him more and with more productive offensive unit. I believe the fact that Lynch chose to come on to field in order to protect opposing player causing his team penalty and presence in game for suspension wipes out the fact that he was productive. There is no justifiable reason for doing what he did as I have played highly competive sports and had games whereby I had friends on other teams and never would I have disrespected my teammates, the fans, or ownership by doing what he did. Opposing player was not in danger of getting hurt so his acts were ridiculous and shows he is not nor wants to be a true Raider. We can pick up or draft another back to compliment our two smaller backs and be just fine and not have the bs Lynch appears to believe is ok to create.

    The NFL and owners need to sit down and take hold of things. The players need to agree to restructure their contracts or give back money when they have poor seasons. The players should have no problem with this if they have respect for themselves, the fans, the game, and their employers. You see players continuously demanding more money, holding out, and forcing teams to give them more money (even if they have years remaining on contract they signed knowingly and voluntarily with good faith) when they have a good season just one single season. I have yet to see one single player have a bad season and apologize to team, fans, owners, and sport offering to return one penny of a contract that paid them a lot more than they deserved. So if the players say well I signed a contract and earned that money then ok sobeit but the flip side means they need to play 100 percent every year and under contract they signed and not say one word if they happen to have a season unlike any they had before and continue to play with same desire for remain years through duration of contract. Until players have their play and behavior on the field and things they do off field measured against their contracts and everyone having performance laddened contracts guaranteeing that fans and owners receive each and every players loyalty, effort, and work ethic, this league will continue to see huge amounts of money invested and wasted on players who happen to have breakout years and think that they deserve more than the contracts they entered into under good faith knowing that they receive said considerations and teams enter into contracts hoping players will shine.

    The Raiders made many many mistakes when it came to personnel decisions and McKenzie should not still be included in Raiders future plans as it shows Raiders are not really serious about teaching a plataeu they once owned displaying winning seasons each and every year. I believe Del Rio deserved his walking papers but McKenzie deserves same papers and should be evicted from the league as he is not as gud as the credit and applause he has received.

    1. Simple answer this is not the NBA or MLB with guaranteed contacts. Players want more money they mean guaranteed money. Like Carr for example got 125$ contract, but doesn’t mean he will earn that….so contracts not guaranteed and happens to be #1 in TV ratings by a lot. I agree we shouldn’t had let Holmes walk…but he wasn’t the best WR..the third best, yes.Holmes route tree is too limited for being a #1. We have Patterson now in his place and I’ll take him now with Gruden I think we have a potential breakout player.

    2. Marcus Peters on the chiefs is an immediate relative of marshawn lynch who he has mentored and hung out with his whole life. If you watch the chiefs game where he was suspended he was grabbing the same Marcus Peters that has family dinners with his mother… and while I would have bit the fucking hands off anyone in my vicinity, my brother or cousin would definitely be grabbed by me during a team fight. That’s a pretty good excuse Richard lmfao. If you ever played you would get that… no team colors run deeper than your family homie unless you are a sellout who can be bought and told how to deal with your family by a corporation…

      1. He’s not actual family you fool. There is ZERO blood relation. I bet you’re a thug too by the way you talk “homie”

    3. I’m sorry but the stuff you speak about other than not letting Andre Holmes go is as-sine so if players cant ask for more money when they are still on contract does that not mean teams cant cut them. A football shelf life of playing this game is very short & if you out perform a contract whats wrong trying to get what you are worth they work all off-season to get better. Get rid of Reggie that’s crazy he drafted not 1 but 2 great leaders for this team & got us in great salary position to make other moves for either FA or resigning our own, yes last yr draft class due to injuries does not look to be his best but his good out weights his bad. Seems like you have all answers of what was wrong but whats the solution to the items you claim is just so horrible, & im curious to know the day(s) that you are not giving 100% do you tell your employer don’t worry about paying me this week i didn’t work that hard this week lol

  2. Lynch only cared about getting his name on the back of a # 24 Raider Jersey. He will never have the class or respect of true Raiders that wore it before him.

    1. You sound dumb bitch. He outworked all of our Offense besides Hudson our freaking center. lynch respected thought the team and the league. Who ran through people, who had defenders scared to tackle him? It wasn’t bible thumping DC it was Lynch who strikes fear in the Defense

      1. Nobody struck fear in the defense, that’s the problem. I love Lynch’s game but when he ran on the field to “save” a freaking Chief and hurt the Raiders in the process that was enough for me. I respect his love for Oakland but if anyone else did that would you be cool with it?

        1. Lynch isn’t taking this opportunity seriously, or he wouldn’t be pulling all that zany “attention drunk” crap. That said, he can still be very productive, especially if Grude reverts the IL back to power/man blocking. JG just needs to put him in his place and remind him “hey, this is your childhood team. Act like you have some form of honor and respect for the franchise by being a model player”. If Lynch is retained, I expect a completely different person on and off the Dierks next season. JG won’t have the other distracting crap.

        2. You would sound stupid if you watched all season and football for the past 20 years and think defenders wanted part of marshawn one on one

      2. His bible thumping have anything to with anything? Easy, to see Lynch was misused and Carr played hurt. I’m a Lynch fan and a Carr fan. You, really sound like either christian bashing douche, or a racist douche looking to rag on the white boy.

        1. He ain’t respected more than Lynch throughout that locker room our throughout the league. Period
          And people are ragging lynch saying he undermined Carr hahah yea excuses for the blue eyes Jesus lol weak *** trogs

  3. I predicted this whole season the day the Oakland Raiders signed Punk A$$ Marshawn Lynch. It was a smoke screen to take Raider fans mind off the fact that Mark Davis(Ugly MotherF@#&er) sold out and moved to Vegas(United States Biggest **** Whole). I had season tickets for 15 years in the Beautiful city of Oakland where the BEST team in the world plays(Raiders). I knew this was going to happen. Thats why I decided not to purchase my tickets for the 2017 season. Jack Del Rio didn’t want Lynch. We would be in the Super bowl if we would have went with Adrian Peterson. The only thing that Jack did wrong was fire Musgraves and kept Ken Norten Jr. I believe Mark Davis sabotaged the season so that he could bring in Gruden. NFL please take the team from Mark Davis and give it to the City of Oakland.

  4. Pomares: Ditto on everything you said. Liked Holmes a lot. Other receivers can’t catch (what is the point of being a receiver). Add Veldheer to the list of bad decisions by RM. He needs a great draft. Can’t live off the Carr pick in the second round forever.

    1. Veldheer was replaced by Penn for less money and more production. Bald head has been either injured or unproductive for the last 3 years. This RM smashing is ridiculous.

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