2017 Offseason: Addressing the Unrestricted Free Agents

Per our pals at Spotrac, the following is a list of Oakland’s in-house, unrestricted free agents for the 2017 offseason:


Let’s go right down the line and determine the fate of each player, shall we?

Malcolm Smith


Despite the box score success, Smith should be shown the door this offseason.

Unfortunately, he’s not a starter at this point in his career and has proven to be a consistent liability on the field between the mental lapses and frustrating penalties. Obviously [linebacker’s] a glaring need on this Raiders’ roster heading into free agency and the draft.

Nate Allen


I slandered Nate Allen plenty this past offsesaon, so this may come as a surprise to many. Either way, when called on this season (and when healthy, which is the key here), he looked like a serviceable player.

I’m ok with bringing him back for depth purposes on another one-year deal.

D.J. Hayden


Time’s up.

I don’t think much of an explanation is owed at this point.

Matt McGloin


Stoner summed it up nicely, as Matt had a chance to probably make himself some decent cash this offseason:


Turns out, he’s not very good.

Andre Holmes


I remember the Rod Streater vs. Andre Holmes debates a few years back. Those were the days.

Holmes is still frustrating at times, somehow managing to drop the routine stuff but then pulling down a ball he probably shouldn’t have caught a few plays later. Rinse and repeat.

He’s still athletic enough to hang around for another season, I think.

Menelik Watson


How badly does Reggie McKenzie want to re-do that 2013 draft?

Watson came in with Hayden, and will (should) leave with him. We’re still not 100% sure what kind of player Menelik could be, given the injury history, which may or may not give this front office and coaching staff some hesitation when deciding how to play this one.

You have to feel for the kid, who I always felt was very sincere about being out there and contributing. Things just didn’t work out in his favor, sadly.

Jon Condo


He’ll still long-snap the **** out of a football.

Brynden Trawick


Player to know on special teams.

Late in the season, when the injuries piled up, he was forced into action and held his own – which is a start – logging a dozen or tackles and even notching an interception.

Perry Riley Jr.


The 2017 draft isn’t as plentiful at middle linebacker as the Raiders and their fans hoped it would be.

Without know how things will shake out in free agency (look back at Zach Brown last year), I think it makes sense to bring back Riley for another season while McKenzie identifies a more permanent, long-term solution.

Darren Bates


Another standout special teamer for reasonable coin I’m sure. No brainer.

Latavius Murray


Man, where do I begin?

I’m the guy on your timeline that has been going on and on about Murray’s shortcomings for a couple seasons now. While he looked “better” in 2016 (at times), I’m not sure a new contract makes the most sense (especially if we’re looking at DeMarco-type money).

Couple that with the success of the two rookies already on the roster, in addition to the incoming draft class… you know where I’m headed with this. I’ll spare y’all the rambling for now.

We can get into the “discount” scenarios, but even then, I firmly believe Oakland can find a player in the first few rounds more than capable of producing at a higher clip and carrying the load going forward.

This will be a fun one to follow this offseason.

Mychal Rivera


Another one of 2013’s finest.

In all seriousness, Rivera kinda is what he is; that’s not a good thing, nor is at bad thing.

I don’t think his involvement in the offense to this point has him returning in 2017. And much like the incoming running back class, the 2017 draft might produce one of the better tight end classes in recent memory. There are a few names who I’d consider in the first few rounds at the moment.

…more on that at a later date.

Stacy McGee


Much like the names in the secondary that stepped up when needed, McGee was on the field a lot more than many had initially figured (due to injuries mounting up). At times, McGee was one of the few bright spots on an otherwise below average unit. I’m all for his return and continued development in Oakland.

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