Derek Carr Responds To Taking A “Team-Friendly” Deal

With the Raiders reportedly focused on reaching a deal with Derek Carr in the coming months, many are wondering if Carr would offer a home-team discount to help the Raiders continue to build the roster.

Derek addressed the notion of taking less money during a Thursday segment on FS1’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd.

“Everybody’s situation is different. I’m obviously a team guy first and foremost. There’s no no. 4 without the rest of the team. There no doubt about that. I’ll never be sitting here saying I’m better than I am or anything like that because I know that I’m nothing without those guys. I’m always a team guy, but at the same time they had three or four years of the rookie contract, too, to build a team and things like that and then I just start thinking about my family, thinking about my boys, thinking about all the people in Haiti, I have a heart for Haiti, that I could help. I think about all the churches I’m attached to and all the people that that could help and that’s what motivates me. It’s not for me. I wear the same clothes that I had since college. I wear all the free stuff that the Raiders give me. It’s about helping people. I’m not greedy. I’m not anything like that…”

Carr is entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2017 and says he’s “fired up” to get a deal done. Former agent and CBS Sports contributor, Joel Corry, believes Carr is likely to get a deal worth at least $25 million per year and over $80 million in guaranteed money.

Not bad for a quarterback that isn’t as good as you think he is.

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18 thoughts on “Derek Carr Responds To Taking A “Team-Friendly” Deal

  1. I’m pretty sure Carr is not only as good as we think he is but that he is actually better than we give him credit for …. The whole team collapsed without Carr in there not just the offense but the entire team he is the unquestioned leader and heart and soul of this team .

  2. Carr is a better QB than this asshole contributor. Carr is a decent human being who should be paid as well as the others

  3. Yeah but if he wants to have a long career make money over the long run he should consider a small discount to be able to bring in o line help

  4. Carr and Mack should be paid, but how much is enough? If they get what some think they should get, we the fans shouldn’t expect a Superbowl caliber team. Look what is happening to the Seahawks, they are good but not Superbowl good. Their O line stinks. Look at the Colts their D is bad and their O line is suspect. Common thread is their superstars are sucking up the majority of the teams money. I want Carr and Mack paid, but I also want them to be team players. Take what they need but don’t break the team.

  5. Wow …. I can’t believe that comment at the end of this article … he is definitely as good as we thought he was and more …. way more … he’s the heart of the team … he works great with the other guys … he knows what they are going to do and they know what he’s going to do … they looked to him and him to them …. the Raiders went down hill after his injury …. no he’s not the whole team but he is the glue that holds that team together !!!! So YES …. HE IS AS GOOD AS WE THOUGHT HELL HES BETTER THEN WE THOUGHT !!!! RAIDER LOVE ❤️

  6. Pay him 25 mil. but lock him in for 7 years. We need him for a long time. Derek Carr and Mack are the leaders and need to be paid.

    1. That’s the best idea I’ve heard. Make him the highest paid QB today, but in 4 years it’s a bargain. Yet, he’s still signed for 3 years after that. Brilliant! Bet that’s similar to what McKenzie is thinking. With no dead money as well. Pay as you go but still works out win win. I love supporting Carr. Seeing his broken leg? Every Raider fan I know went to a dark place. Luckily we already live there. Still, joking aside. Raider Nation loves Derek Carr!

  7. Isn’t as good as I think he is… your a fucktard. You obviously don’t pay any attention. There’s a lot of ammo on my end for this topic,but I’ll just say one. The Raiders WR’s led the league two years in a row for dropping passes and Derek is still in the MVP category. He is simply amazing as a player and teammate. Derek should be handed a blank check.

  8. Carr the general Of this team he He cares about each player he gives hope and confident within them self”s He’s arch angel he’s got a big heart Not just his teammates but people around him God’s with He’s doesn’t think about big paydays all cares about teammates and winning a championship.

  9. I appreciate your thinking Derek and your spiritual self God will bless you with more than ever as long as you stay grateful and humble which I believe is all you i am a die hard raidernation fan and so is my 4 year old son king Liam and I pray that we can get together next season at a raider game and win the superbowl because we believe in you brother God bless your most grateful fans Jose and king Liam.

  10. Um, folks. The link was to an article by another author (D. Benoit), not the Raiderbeat. This author is poking fun at D. Benoit for his article in the middle of the season, which was obviously moronic.. As far as Derek’s pay, get your value brother. You’re worth every penny.

  11. A lot of player’s can say “team guy” or “thinking about the family” or “for the community”. But knowing what we know about Derek, I believe him and so should the organization.

    He deserves Luck money. In a strange twist, his injury may have increased his value to the Raiders.

  12. Not as Good as WHO thinks he is???
    Carr has proven his talent wasn’t wasted comming to OAK. .when he set records and hit MVP feasible status.. in just 2seasons…
    Not as good in 2years playing for what the LEAGUE conciddered their whipping boy Team for over A DECADE..has not only climbed to team leader status”Captain”-of the entire offense,and a new team record holder in a few catergories.
    But who has also climbed up the national Possition Rankings from NE UP START ROOK,that no one kept track of after draft day..yet has Drawn national attention in the league ,the Media and Even Tv/Movie Concidder at ion -popularity in those same 2years!..
    WHO EVER THINK he’s Not that good anyway ..
    Run a route for him to throw a long ball to traffic ,and catch it against the top D BACKS IN THE LEAGUE,
    Run from behind him thrue that mammoth O line that’s giving you the opening – on a draw play and yet suddenly have to catch a pass he decided to throw your way in a hurry,
    when it wasn’t planned for you to get it.
    And try to gain yardage from it.
    Not that Good…how many rushing yards did he tally up – himself in just this season-(pre injury ) …again?
    BEST QB to wear SILVER N BLACK since Rich Gannon era!-…but “NOT THAT GOOD!” Really. ..Really? ?? SMH wtf

  13. If you stop and think what Derek Carr has brought to this team since the Raiders drafted him, it would be the heart of a lion I for one have had the pleasure of watching him play in college at Fresno ST. I am from Fresno CA, the type of players that come out of Fresno are proven winners just ask anyone who has put on a Bulldog uniform. Just look at the last few games this includes the playoff game against Houston if there was any one player worth big time money it should be Derek Carr.

  14. That’s easily the most unselfish reason for taking a max deal that I’ve ever heard. Best part is I dont doubt it a bit. Carr will easily be my favorite QB when he’s done. Raiiiiderrrrs! That’s a humanatarian. So fortunate to be a Raider fan.

  15. Whoever made that comment that he’s not as good as we think he is, must to be a Jaguars fan, te he

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