2019 Draft: Final Top-100 “Big Board”

First top-32 big board is here. Pre-Combine, top-50 big board is here. Below is my final, top-100 big board; the 100 best players in the 2019 class according to your boy. I would enjoy if my favorite football team would draft as many of these players as they could. Here’s to your favorite teams – and mine – not messing things up too bad on Thursday evening.


First three players are this year’s elite, special, blue-chip talents. There are very few of these players that come along each year. QB1 follows at 4 overall; he’s smaller, but is one of the more dynamic arm-and-leg talents we’ve seen since Russell Wilson. 5 overall is a player that, on film, belongs in this tier. He’s an effortless disruptor. He’s also coming off an ACL tear and has notable off-field question marks, too.


The Michigan Devin process the game a lot more efficiently and effectively, earning him the nod over the Louisiana State Devin. Michigan Devin is also the superior athlete, as it turns out. I’m all in.


This year’s top two tight ends are from the same school, and can dominant and win in different ways. One is the elite athlete, and the other is a menace in line while also being able to mix it up in the open field and when the ball is in the air.


This year’s top safety has experience at cornerback, and can really line up all over the back-half of your defense. This tier also welcomes the top three offensive tackles. It’s a good year to need a bookend.


21 overall is a freaky athlete for his size and will tower over defensive backs. 22 overall is an early-breakout mega-producer who can line-up inside or outside, but it’s best to take advantage of the matchup’s working out of the slot. 25 overall is an elite athlete who looks special in the open field and after the catch.


28 overall had everyone’s jaw on the floor at Indianapolis, as he proceeded to turn in alien-like results. The Calvin Johnson comparisons were plentiful. I think he has a chance to be a better version of Martavis Bryant, which is still a high-end player. 32 overall was the nation’s top recruit at one point, and is still one of the special athletes at the position. His game and impact should go beyond the box score, but there is still some cause for concern regarding his collegiate production.






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