Raiders Draft Day Predictions: Is Derek Carr Really On The Move?

Draft day is finally here and predictions are fun, so let’s offer a few and see what happens.

Do with them what you will…

The Cardinals have fooled a lot of people into thinking they won’t be picking Kyler Murray. The Raiders have a fooled a lot of people into thinking they want to pick Kyler Murray. Gruden knows he won’t find a quarterback in the draft that puts in as much work as Carr and wasn’t it Gruden that said he will have failed if he can’t win with DC?

The Raiders will pass on a pass rusher with their fourth overall pick. In fact, they won’t even pick in the fourth spot; they’ll make a trade and the “surprise” pick we’ve been hearing about won’t even be a pass rusher. That’ll be addressed just a little later in the draft.

The Raiders will not get their replacement for Marshawn Lynch in the first round.


Well, because everyone now believes they’re looking for Marshawn’s replacement in the first round. Did anyone else find the timing of Lynch’s “announcement” to be a little suspicious? Certainly it wasn’t news the Raiders needed public if they were trying to fly under the radar scoop up Josh Jacobs.

It was news, however, that could ultimately leverage Lynch back into another year in the Raiders’ backfield (if Jacobs ends up on another team)… and did you notice how just about every “retirement” announcement included the idea that Gruden and company would be looking for Lynch’s replacement in the draft?

Not saying the trade will happen, but there’s some logic to idea of Arizona trading back to the fourth pick. They should still be able to get Murray in that spot and they could add a pick or two from the Raiders, who most believe have Nick Bosa sitting at the top of their draft board.

Look for the Cardinals to see what they can get from Gruden and Mayock for the first pick… and for the cost to be somewhat reasonable.

Enjoy the draft, everyone!

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1 thought on “Raiders Draft Day Predictions: Is Derek Carr Really On The Move?

  1. This is exactly how I feel minus the trade up to 1. But your reasoning is legit. Grabbing a TE or RB (unless jock is there) seems a little far fetched.
    I still think mayock wants ammo. Every year people claim there are ONLY a few blue chippers but All Pros have been found many times in later rounds. Those late round picks tend to have amazing work ethic. If they can’t grab more pucks in later rounds (something SEA and NE do well) then they can stack the team with quality depth (the real reason why they went 12-4 a few years ago) and a few diamonds in the rough.

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