2020 Draft: Final Running Back Rankings

The Raiders will likely look to add a complimentary piece to stud back Josh Jacobs next month. As good as Jacobs is, and as much untapped potential there may be, given his curious lack of usage in the passing game alone (and running injured most of the season), the game has changed. Some of the most successful backfields feature multiple capable backs; Jon Gruden made sure he kept Jalen Richard around, signing a two-year extension, but that should not deter the Raiders from adding a body through the draft.

Below are the top-25 backs in the 2020 class. These rankings are 1) my opinion (your list will likely look a good bit different, and that’s okay), and 2) factor-in and weigh film, metrics (production), and athletic testing. Round “grades”, again, are based on my evaluations and where I would draft them (not necessarily where I think they go).

Top-25 options, where do we agree or disagree?

Unlike the wide receiver class, I think this group thins out somewhat dramatically as we cross over into and beyond the third-round. With a few notable, star-bound runners returning to school, the depth of the class evaporated when they withdrew their respective names from the hat.

Still, Jonathan Taylor, who’s been the RB1 all along, did nothing but solidify that at the Combine. He should be talked about in the same breath as Saquon Barkely coming out of school. I think his ceiling is that high. For the group that follows, you can have D’Andre Swift, Cam Akers, and J.K. Dobbins in any order you want and I think it makes sense. After them, we see the first notable drop-off.

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Jonathan Taylor made a STATEMENT against Michigan: 😤 23 carries for 203 yards 😤 2 rushing TDs 😤 8.8 YPC average Wisconsin handles Michigan, 35-14 https://t.co/5His2bjuqo

Antonio Gibson is probably my favorite player in the next “tier”, but there’s an asterisk next to his name until we get complete clarity from his Sunday team that he’ll be a full-time running back, having been designated as a wide receiver in Indianapolis.

Zach Moss is a mid-round option for me, versus one of the class’s top backs as he was once pegged. Moss for example, given the strong 220-plus build, would be an ideal compliment to Jacobs.

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4 thoughts on “2020 Draft: Final Running Back Rankings

  1. Taylor is good, but his biggest issue is fumbles. If he can’t hold on to the ball, he’s not worth a **** no matter how many yards he has.

    Honesty I prefer Swift then Dobbins in terms of NFL ability

  2. We should draft JK Dobbins – he will be a great solid back up for Jacobs!!! 70/30 carries and 30% going to Dobbins. This will keep Jacobs fresh and ready for playoffs

  3. @StillRyanFive,
    I said the same thing during the regular season. I said that Josh Jacob’s career could be extended should the Raiders have a compliment to him…… Long story short, we both agree that having at least one and possibly two other durablr runningbacks could not hurt Josh Jacobs’ career or the Raiders running game. Hopefully, someone in Raiders management will hear us and feel the way that we do. Killing Josh Jacobs through overuse should not happen given all the young talent available but, as we both well know, management personnel can always find a way to justify any decision that they make, even if it is a bad one. See the Houston Texans most recent trade rationale if you doubt me.

  4. PLAYOFFS??? DID I JUST SEE YOU SAY PLAYOFFS?? YOU MUST BE DELUSIONAL!! These guys are not ready for playoffs

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