Raiders Still Dealing With Cash Flow Issue After Move to Las Vegas?

The Raiders were supposed to have plenty of money when they moved to Las Vegas, but that might not be the case… yet.

According to a trend noted by NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the Raiders have been avoiding signing bonuses during free agency and it’s likely to do with an ongoing lack of cash flow.

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Raiders CB Eli Apple’s deal: one year, $6 million base salary, all of it fully guaranteed, another $500k in incentives. No signing bonus, as has been the case with all the team’s deals this spring. Cash flow apparently an issue.

That doesn’t mean the Raiders won’t have money, but it sounds like owner Mark Davis might still be waiting on some of it to hit his Vegas back account.

The immediate question is, have the Raiders missed out on free agents because of contract structures?

With the ongoing pandemic causing so much uncertainty, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that players are anxious to get money into their accounts now rather than push it down the road. Reports have indicated that the Raiders have offered more money per year to free agents in the last week (Byron Jones and Chris Harris Jr.) only to watch them sign elsewhere. It would make sense that signing bonus money was a factor in both of those decisions.

Contrary to one report, Harris was very much interested in joining the Raiders (so ignore that false narrative). There was definitely other factors that pushed Harris to the Chargers… or it’s always possible that he just enjoys playing in front of high school sized crowds.

Nevertheless, the Raiders have enjoyed a solid free agency period. It’s notable that they didn’t hit on arguably their top target in free agency (Jones), but the bright side is they had enough money to sign other guys… like Jason Witten.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Still Dealing With Cash Flow Issue After Move to Las Vegas?

  1. I understand the reason they are not giving out signing bonuses is because of the fact that they can not have physical exams done before they sign. They can cancel a contract due to a inability to pass a physical, but once signing bonus is given, they can’t get that back if a player fails their physical. Seems logical to me!

  2. Its always something with the Raiders. Seems Raiders had no money issues last season the way they gave out retarded contracts to players that clearly did not deserve them. They saved money with AB departure but if they had money last year and there were no issues reported then it should not be a problem this season.

    Raiders have been unable to land the main players and have not hit on any other than possibly Littleton deal. They signed players that may be decent complimentary players (just like all the players they signed last season) but without the solid players for them to compliment we may be in for a long season again.

    Gruden is undeserving of his contract n unworthy of his continuing to run organization. He has n continues to make bad decisions n the medias’ misrepresentation of his progress is baffling. He never planned for n is not under any rebuild process. He took over a team that was one season removed from 12-4 n playoffs n proceeded to do worse than Del Rios’ last season (n Gruden had complete control whereas Del Rio did not). With complete control why wouldnt fans expect Gruden to take that recent winning team at 12-4 n make them a winner again?

    The fact is he tried n thought he was going to when he made Raiders oldest team in the league. That backfired n he began ridding team of players n media created his scapegoat – the rebuild process! Gruden allowed it to become his savior. Then due to the horrible decisions made before start of 2019 season n after again major set backs right before start of season (2 seasons in a row) Gruden had no choice but to play the young players n make them full time. Because a couple of these players produced some media continued to give Gruden savior excuse. The rebuild plus making progress from previous season.

    How many new coaches have produced immediately or within 2nd season (Gruden is not new n had advantages over most new coaches being that he coached before, involved with MNF, n had complete control). Those demand he produce immediately n with Gruden talking about his changing nfl style to play against his offensive prowess when in fact he was less than ordinary and very predictable.

    It is time to call Gruden what he is a failure and at best mediocre.

    1. I stopped reading your comment when you used the R word in your first sentence, because that showed me how truly ignorant you are!

  3. Dick Enya, THANK YOU!!!!! I have been saying that Jon Gruden is mediocre,incompetent and in over his head, at best, for years. Just like you, I have NO IDEA why the media gives this loser a pass on every asinine decision he makes or thing that he says. “I like Nathan Peterman and I need a pass rusher, after trading Kahlil Mack ” immediately come to mind. Oh sure, SOME PEOPLE get a thrill out of seeing a blonde haired, pudgy, loud mouth pretend quarterback guru snarl, sneer and bark like a wounded dog at his own ineptness. The truth be known, America has an insatiable appetite for blonde haired loud mouthed bigots who don’t know anything but spew out bull crap every chance they get. Give what he has done to this franchise, you would think that Raiders fans and sports writers alike would be anathama to Jon Gruden’s high jinks by now, but NOOO!!! Sportswriters seem to live for and crave his lies and bluster almost as much as Mark Davis does. If bloviation, incompetence, excuses and hyperbole is your cup of tea then he’s your guy. What a career this guy could have as a used car salesman. Also, there is only ONE REASON why Jon Gruden, a coach with one Super Bowl win, on the back of a team that Tony Dungy built, has a higher salary than a coach who has nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl wins. It’s because Mark Davis said, when he took over control of the Raiders, ” The ONLY THING that I know about football is what I DON’T KNOW about football.” NO MATTER how much any fan may love Jon Gruden or the Raiders, I’ve been a Raiders fan for 52 years now, as of this year, but NEVER a Jon Gruden fan, can they justify such an exhorbenent salary. Only a guy who knows NOTHING about football and has more money than he does football sense or knowledge would OVERPAY a guy who has more mouth and bluster than talent. The Raiders trademark has been inherited by someone who has no understanding of how a sports franchise should work and until he does or if he ever comes to understand that, or even care about it, the Raiders will continue to be mismanaged, miscoached and miss the mark. Until that day, ALL Raiders FANS will suffer but most probably continue to support what this franchise USED TO BE. There are two things that Raiders fans can count on, as long as Jon Gruden is the coach, the Raiders will NEVER win a championship with him and will be better off only AFTER he leaves.

  4. Well I disagree with Dick .. and find it reasonable to not spend too much money on free agents …they may be free for a reason … (Performance , attitude, injuries …). I would be more of a bargain hunter … Due to the fact there are so many players available … I don’t think it is smart these days to sign guys to long term contracts … Its business … Even though I wish for the Player / Team loyalty that once existed in the NFL … Go Raiders … And thanks Rodney Houston for retiring as a Raider !

  5. P.S. Raider fans … Trust in Gruden and Mayock they will bring us a Champiinship ! Go Raiders

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