2020 Draft: Final Top-50 “Big Board”

I’ve been sorting through and finalizing “grades” for all position groups leading up to this week, draft week. Most positions received their own write-up, some didn’t. Time isn’t always so generous. Let’s recap all the groups and then throw the curtains open, unveiling the 50 best players in the 2020 class. I’m sure you’ll agree with everything and even if you don’t, you’ll leave a nice, positive comment anyway.


Joe Burrow is a lock for the 1.01. If it isn’t Tua Tagovailia or Jalen Hurts this year, I’m not very interested. Raiders were connected to Hurts early on, before the stellar Combine. Given where he’s projected to now go, coupled with the Marcus Mariota signing and contract, I’m not sure he (Hurts) is in play at this point.

Running Back

Top-25 below; Raiders will likely target a mid-late round option, bigger-body back, to run behind ascending feature runner Josh Jacobs.

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NEW: Top-25 running back rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft. Have at it. https://t.co/0NnCCAJlvW

Wide Receiver

Top-25 rankings also below. Entering the draft, wide receiver remains arguably the biggest need for Jon Gruden’s team. Look for the Raiders to come away with at least two new players, and one as early as 12 overall.

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NEW: Top-25 wide receiver rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft. Let’s have discourse. https://t.co/Zrn0z36cEn

Tight End

This year’s class isn’t very notable (read: talented); Raiders have a few options (no, I don’t want to talk about Jason Witten) already on the roster. Moving along.

Offensive Line

Unlike tight end, 2020’s OL group is very good. Especially at the top. Raiders will likely look to pull either a tackle or guard in the late-rounds.

Defensive Line

Rankings below. The Raiders pass rush remains stagnant at times, and is woefully inconsistent in general. They need to keep throwing darts if they expect to compete and eventually close out games. Javon Kinlaw may make sense at 12 overall — 19 would be even better value.

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Mike Mayock got the green light to open the checkbook during free agency. As a result, what was once an obvious and pressing need entering the draft no longer appears that way. Still, I like the (athletic) talent and depth this year; Raiders should capitalize in the mid-late rounds. Top-10 link is below.

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NEW: Top-10 linebackers for the 2020 NFL Draft. I like many of these mid-round players. https://t.co/YM4y3Jw3nI


Much like defensive line and pass rush, cornerback remains an ever-present issue. Raiders are rumored to be targeting one as early as 12 overall, after missing out on multiple free agents. Rankings below.

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NEW: Top-10 cornerbacks for the 2020 NFL Draft. Plenty of talent through the first few rounds. https://t.co/516zwX4xMm


Raiders appear “deep” roster-wise currently, but I don’t think anyone is a “sure thing” outside of maybe Johnathan Abram (and even still, missing most of his rookie campaign keeps this up-in-the-air). Targeting an upgrade at free safety alone should be higher on the priority list. I’d be very happy with either Antoine Winfield Jr. or Grant Delpit on Day 1 (19 overall), for example.

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NEW: Top-10 safeties for the 2020 NFL Draft. A pair of small school players are rising. https://t.co/Yvqhwgpgzs

The Final Top-50 “Big Board”

1 through 25, no big changes once the players were stacked. Nothing too surprising to report either, I don’t believe. The three, elite defenders at the top before any quarterback is maybe different than most folks? Jerry Jeudy obviously at WR1, and inside the top-10. Oh, I’m probably higher onWinfield Jr. than you, now that I look at it. Denzel Mims, too (sneaking in over Henry Ruggs III).

And for 26 through 50, I did have some players either move up or down the board once I had them all stacked (ex. slight grade changes once placed among their peers). I highlighted those names in red, below. Jeremy Chinn is a player I keep pushing up the board. D’Andre Swift fell down a bit, given positional value (pass-catching ability does keep his floor/ceiling high, however). Also dropped Kenneth Murray. Think there are just some bigger concerns the more I watched (high-character kid with all the intangibles, if you’re into that though; likely still goes top-32).

Let’s hope this team doesn’t fumble things up too badly on Thursday.

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  1. Yes shut up with the “Mayock got green light to open check book. Mayock is at best a puppet nothing more. He possesses no say so as Gruden makes every decision so please report accurate details or u should be removed from reporting

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