2020 Draft: Top-5 Wide Receivers (Pre-Combine)

Raiders’ top needs are ranked here. These are obviously subject to change with the Combine still to take place (athletic testing matters, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

Jerry Jeudy, Alabama (Junior): Some are focusing too much on the production with Jeudy. “If he’s so good, how come his [box score] numbers aren’t bigger,” they’ll ask. For Alabama, most contests were put away prior to halftime. Jeudy was also surrounded with multiple first-round talents at the position. Context matters. He has the best “feel” or the game; whether route-running, foot-quickness, ability after the catch — he can do it all. Don’t overthink it.

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Jeudy after the catch is, uh, enticing. https://t.co/n05nVsTXF1

Not quite Amari Cooper-leaving-Alabama-good, but Jeudy isn’t too far off either.

CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma (Junior): On the flip, Lamb was a monster production-wise (as most number one options tend to be in the Oklahoma attack in recent years). Lamb is more than just gaudy numbers, however. He’s one of the best in the air, at the catch-point, in this class. He’s done well to add muscle to his once leaner frame, and now is a threat to go yard every time he gets in space. He’s a bully; not arguing with anyone that has him over Jeudy.

Jalen Reagor, Texas Christian (Junior): “Dark horse” to wear the WR1 crown this year, which is probably kinda hot take-y for some folks who aren’t as familiar with Reagor’s game at the moment. Like Jeudy, the raw production numbers don’t pull you in (but for different reasons; the Horned Frogs just weren’t set quarterback-wise). Reagor is going to smoke the Combine. He’s an exceptional athlete that was primarily a slot option at school but can effectively operate outside. His ceiling is Percy Harvin; special playmaker.

Tee Higgins, Clemson (Junior): Higgins feels overlooked in a very strong class. He hasn’t moved outside of the top-5 for me, and baring a collapse at the Combine, can’t see how he would. For the way he’s built, he moves his body very effectively in the air; the control is something special, but especially for a player his size. I compared him to Kenny Golladay (and have seen some DeVante Parker parallels, too). Much like Jeudy, don’t overthink things with Higgins, either. His game translates all day.

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High-point hands from Higgins: https://t.co/Yf8XWPdD1T

A little taste of Higgins’ game.

Henry Ruggs III, Alabama (Junior): Legitimate, game-breaking speed. The Tyreek Hill comparisons aren’t too far off. Shouldn’t surprise anyone if he’s the fastest player at the Combine. He could push 4.2-something, but also has a well-rounded game (after the catch, in the air, off the line) that most aren’t mentioning. He’s more than just a burner. To me, he’s Will Fuller-T.Y. Hilton-ish.

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  1. Raiders will sign wr Robbie Anderson and use the 1st Rd picks to fix their horrible defense.

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