2020 Offseason: Five Transactions (“The Dream Scenario”)

This time of year, your favorite football team is likely connected to every single pending free agent about to hit the market. It’s just what happens; hope springs eternal each NFL offseason. We all have dreams; I, too, have dreams of landing a stud at every single position of need. I want to live in a world where money is no issue and salary cap isn’t a thing (side bar: I do believe that good teams can skate around the salary cap rather easily, but that’s a conversation for another time).

With all that said, and with the Raiders’ “team needs” in mind, here is what I would do this offseason in order to fix and improve the current roster. My top-five transactions to turn this place around. Please note: I am trying to be as realistic as possible in this “dream scenario” (if that makes any amount of sense). I’ll list off my favorite options, why I think it works, why I would do it, and let you guys argue about my reasoning behind each transaction. Let’s get after it:

Hope the Kansas City Chiefs let interior defensive lineman Chris Jones walk.

That’s it. That’s the scenario. If he does, Jones immediately becomes priority number one. Since we’re trying to be realistic, I can’t envision a situation where the Chiefs let him out of the building, but stranger things have happened (here I am, typing this, while starring at Khalil Mack in a Chicago Bears jersey).

Actually focus on and upgrade the linebackers for the first time in what feels like twenty-plus years.

In my dream scenario, the Raiders accomplish this in two ways: 1) Pursuing and signing free agent Cory Littleton. No-brainer. Good, ascending, young player that can man the middle. 2) Drafting stud Louisiana State outside backer Patrick Queen at 19 overall. Once the Combine concludes, this may seem unrealistic, if Queen tests as well as I think he can. For now, we keep the faith, friends.

ryan, a jerry jeudy fan on Twitter

19 overall please, @Raiders. Thank you. https://t.co/pltoOjCOAk

Now that the linebacker room is infinitely better, address the cornerback position.

The three “big” names are as follows: Byron Jones (Cowboys), Chris Harris Jr. (Broncos), and Darius Slay (Lions). Now, obviously Slay isn’t a free agent, but there are plenty of rumors that he’s on the table in Detroit. If a third-round pick gets it done, the Raiders should be on the phone yesterday. He’ll want money, sure, but he’s one of the five or ten best players at his position (and an important one, at that), still operating at a high-level.

Harris makes a lot of sense, despite the age, but he’s limited to the slot. You’d also be “stealing” from a divisional team, which is always a little sweeter. Jones is certainly more than a “consolation prize” in this scenario, but I’m thinking he gets the bag thrown at him by multiple teams, and the Raiders will likely choose to allocate funds elsewhere.

Finally, add some talent at wide receiver. Like they attempted to do last offseason but, uh, yeah.

Okay, so, we’ve all been following the Stefon Diggs story (breakup?) in Minnesota closely. He appears unhappy, and growing unhappier. Not sure the Raiders can connect the dots without currently holding a second-round selection (I’d probably throw 19 overall at the them, if needed, but I’m likely higher on Diggs than you), so I’m thinking this one is out of the question.

Moving on from Diggs, we pivot to A.J. Green. This was always the name that I had pegged early on, given the “veteran narrative” that Jon Gruden so very much loves. If he’s healthy, there’s no question in my mind that Green is still an elite talent at the position.

Let’s say Green is the play. You have Green and Tyrell Williams (who is recovering, and who the Raiders still clearly believe in) on the outside, with Hunter Renfrow mixing things up in the slot. The cherry on top here is adding stud Alabama product Jerry Jeudy at 12 overall.

PFF Draft on Twitter

Jerry Jeudy sauced DB’s on a weekly basis” @PFF_Mike 2,400+ yards & 24 TD’s over two seasons. https://t.co/DwYhe53sba

Jeudy may overlap some of Renfrow’s slot snaps, but being able to trot out this foursome, in addition to the talent already at tight end, would immediately flip the pass-catchers from a liability to a clear strength on this roster. Gruden is all smiles; Derek Carr buys himself more time in Las Vegas (or something — TBD).

Summary of transactions:

Sign LB Cory Littleton

Draft LB Patrick Queen

Trade for CB Darius Slay

Sign WR A.J. Green

Draft WR Jerry Jeudy

That’s my dream, now gimme yours. What do you agree with? What would you do differently? Does any of this matter? Do we really care? Why are we here? Is the new stadium too cool for this team? Is Mark Davis really a broke boy?

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8 thoughts on “2020 Offseason: Five Transactions (“The Dream Scenario”)

  1. Wonderful writing and sound reasoning, agree. . . the idea of them getting C. Jones from the Chiefs, unrealistic as the Chiefs will tag and trade, not release, and doubtful they would trade with the Raiders nor would the Raiders offer said compensation but you already said that. . .

  2. Wonderful writing and sound reasoning, agree. . . the idea of them getting C. Jones from the Chiefs, unrealistic as the Chiefs will tag and trade, not release, and doubtful they would trade with the Raiders nor would the Raiders offer said compensation but you already said that. . . 🐗

  3. I like your scenario and no doubt it would add a lot of talent. I’m not sure about A.J. Green, though. He’s been hurt a lot lately and will cost a bunch. I like adding Emanuel Sanders instead. Great veteran presence, still a very good receiver and less costly. Draft a top receiver at #12. Possibly another in the third round–there will still be quality WR’s left at that point. But what this leaves out is a top defensive lineman in either free agency or the draft. That will continue to be a need for a couple of years.

    1. By fixing the corner position you also in turn fix the pass rush position. I can pretty much guarantee both Mad Max and Colin will be even better after a full offseason of professional workouts and nutrition. You combine that with Hurst and Hall this makes for a solid Dline.

  4. Love aj green I don’t really think he’s been hurt think it been more of a hold out no help for Andy Bengals don’t wanna spend no money been Bengals fan whole life just don’t like direction team has been going

  5. We already have AJ Green but his name is Williams as far as I’m concerned there is little need for AJ if we can get Jeudy. I am not nearly sold on Queen as the author. Before his great bowl performance he held a 3rd round grade where I’d be excited to get him but know that’s not practical. Littleton and Slay make a good deal of sense. I’d trade away PJ Hall if we could get Slay for him or a third / 4th and draft a new prospect for his spot like Solomon.

  6. #1. Throw a garaunteed contract at Chris Jones IF hes available.
    #1A. Draft Kinlaw if available at 12
    #2. Throw good money at a FA LB (Littleton, Schobert, I’d be very happy with Blake Martinez)
    #2A. Draft a LB in first RD, period.
    #3. If we can’t get in FA, a DL or LB, then go after CB help, Jones, Harris, couple others out there i like.
    #3A. There’s some very good CB in this years draft… Get one.
    #4. WR….ugh, I dont want AJ and his price tag, I do like Sanders opposite Williams. The speed of Anderson is intriguing, but, id rather just trade 2 of our 3rd Rdrs to get into 2nd Rd and draft one. Basically, we dont need to overpay a FA WR.
    I can see us drafting a replacement for Ritchie in the 3rd rd.

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