This Would Be the Raiders Dream Scenario in the Draft’s First Round

By now you’ve probably gone over about every mock draft scenario out there for the Raiders.

Will they take a receiver at pick 12?

A linebacker at pick 19?

Right now it’s hard to argue with any mock draft that gives the Raiders Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (or Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy) at pick 12 combined with LSU linebacker Patrick Queen at pick 19.

But what would be the very best first-round scenario for the Raiders?

In a perfect world the Raiders will get to pick 12 and all of the top receivers will still be on the board. In that case, maybe Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden can find a trade partner and drop a few spots in the first round.

Assuming all the top quarterbacks are off the board at pick 12, who might still be interested in trading up?

The team to watch might be the Dolphins.

Miami owns pick 18 and if they can get a quarterback at pick 5 without having to trade up and lose pick 18, the Dolphins very well might try to trade up from pick 18 to draft an offensive tackle. In that case, the Raiders should be able to gain one of the Dolphins two second-round picks.

Now owning picks 18 and 19 in the first round, the Raiders would still be in a position to get a top wide receiver. The teams owning picks 13 through 17 (IND, TB, DEN, ATL, DAL) are not desperate for wide receivers and it’s possible that either Lamb or Jeudy could slip to pick 18. If not, Henry Ruggs III would be one heck of a consolation prize.

From there, the Raiders could take Patrick Queen with pick 19 and have a second-round pick to burn on… another playmaker on the defensive side of the ball?

For what it’s worth, the scenario that seems the most unlikely for the Raiders is a trade up from pick 12. A few mock drafts show it happening, but don’t get your hopes up. Without a second-round pick and with so many needs (particularly on defense), Mayock will want to cast a wide net and one of his objectives in the first round will almost certainly be to add a second-round pick.

The Dolphins and pick 12 might be the key to that happening.

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24 thoughts on “This Would Be the Raiders Dream Scenario in the Draft’s First Round

  1. Agree…trading down and adding more picks seems like the best move the raiders can make.

  2. It would be great to add a second round pick if you are going to use it to draft a QB. If not then don’t worry about it and keep both first round picks.

  3. Mayock had 4 of the top 40 picks in the 2019 draft. He was unable to pickup the 2019 3rd or the 2020 2nd he was lacking. The 2019 draft was very good(except overdrafting Ferrell). I’m a bit concerned about is ability to maneuver the draft board like the best GM’s do.

  4. Moving from 12 to 18 and adding 2nd round pick would be ideal.
    The first 7 or 8 picks could tell what direction to go.

  5. How come nobody’s talking about Tee Higgins as the late round pick. He’s freaking 6’4 and played in 3 National Title games. Adding him and Simmons would be amazing, that would give us 5 Clemson players in the last 2 drafts. They are well coached and familiar with each other, that could be huge for a young Raiders squad, with Derek Carr and quarterback. (Which we all know is the right move.)

  6. Trade down a couple of spots and try to get a 2nd round pick in the deal. Wide receivers are deep in this draft and we can still get a stud defense player with our 2nd first round pick.

  7. Exactly,Simmons & Lamb or Jeudy in the first round would only be better if they somehow managed to get Jordan Love also ….

  8. Exactly,Simmons & Lamb or Jeudy in the first round would only be better if they somehow managed to get Jordan Love also …. The beauty of it all would be curtains for the AFC WEST !!!

  9. So many 1st round studs get hurt in nfl better to trade for more picks to establish depth at positions. Also many late 1st round and second round pick become studs any way. The way i look at it.

  10. We need someone on the defense that can help spark our defense……for a very long time….there young and very good…..Sometimes I don’t know about Carr….!!!!!??????

  11. Raiders dream first round would be Simmons at #12 and Riggs at #19 assuming Judy and Lamb are gone

  12. What is this fixation with Patrick Queen at #19?? That would be a very poor value…maybe even a bigger reach than Ferrell at #4 last year. Queen has good sideline to sideline speed and is a good coverage LB, but he’s undersized and weak.

    He struggles to get off of blocks. He’s also not a big hitter. NFL Guards will eat him alive…unless he bulks up and gets quite a bit stronger…which would make him a bit of a project. I really hope the Raiders don’t draft a project at #19.

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