Report: Raiders Offering DeMarco Murray The Most Money

According to reports, it’s down to three teams for DeMarco Murray. Dallas is where he’d prefer to stay. The Raiders are said to be offering the most, and after a phone call (from Murray) to Chip Kelly, the Eagles are in the mix.


Murray plans to visit the Eagles tomorrow and that means the dance will go on at least one more day. It’s bizarre that Philadelphia is interested at all after signing Ryan Mathews, but somehow that’s where we are.

So where do the Raiders fit in? It looks like they’re right where they’ve been all week – being used as leverage. Nonetheless, team officials still believe they’re in the hunt.


Still, there’s more going against the Raiders – actually quite a few things. Everyone knows the Raiders could be in Texas, Missouri, or southern California in the next few years. Until then, games will be played in the worst stadium professional football has to offer. Of course California costs athletes money in taxes, the Raiders haven’t had a winning season in over a decade, and according to a CBS report, owner Mark Davis barely has enough money to pay the players.

In what was surely a calculated move, the Raiders slowly and methodically announced their six signings today. But as long as the parade lasted, it was clear something was missing – a headliner. With over $60 million in cap room, Reggie McKenzie hasn’t been able to bring a superstar to Oakland. That’s why I think he’s going hard after Murray – a move that’s a little out of character for Reggie.


Murray would be a huge get for the Raiders. He’d join Latavius Murray to presumably form one of the better backfields in the NFL. And with two Murrays, maybe a marketable backfield as well? The Raiders have spent about a third of their cap space. Why not buy the league’s leading rusher?

Prediction: Murray and his agent are being patient in a calculated effort to get every penny out of this contract. It doesn’t seem like a trip to Philadelphia will do much to leverage the Raiders who apparently already have the highest offer. Maybe if the Eagles or Cowboys bump up their offer, the Raiders will have to as well? I’ve been guessing all along that he’ll return to Dallas, so with all the back and forth between the NFC East teams, it’s no time to change my tune now.

Sorry, Reggie… I feel for you.