A Gruden Grinder Has Found His Way Into Gruden’s Doghouse

No one outside of the man himself has any idea what Jon Gruden is doing with the Raiders. He might not have lost the team, but he’s definitely losing them.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who Gruden and Guenther are playing on defense (Reggie Nelson have pictures of somebody around there?), but beyond souring on seemingly all of Reggie McKenzie’s picks, Gruden has also turned on one of his own prized offseason additions.

Rashaan Melvin was supposed to be a cornerstone of Gruden’s secondary, but after six weeks, the veteran cornerback seems to have joined Gareon Conley in the Gruden’s doghouse – and he voiced his displeasure Monday on social media.

What’s even more bizarre is that Melvin is said to be one of the team’s hardest working players.

“As for Melvin, he lost his starting job, too,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur wrote on Monday. “He is clearly frustrated, after signing a one-year prove-it deal here in the offseason. What can you price in seven snaps? Melvin struggled at times, but he is also one of the few defensive guys to make a play or two this season. What’s more, Melvin is one of the hardest workers on the team, and I have heard from more than one player or coach how he is constantly working to get the hand technique down that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther wants.”

So apparently, even the Gruden grinders have no value to this coaching staff if they don’t robotically conform to every detail of what the coaching staff wants? It’s a fine line, but if no one can figure out how to execute Guenther’s technique at cornerback, could it be that the problem is really the teacher?

Get ready. Just a guess, but this outfit Gruden is in charge of might somehow get worse before it gets better.

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6 thoughts on “A Gruden Grinder Has Found His Way Into Gruden’s Doghouse

  1. I don’t know what the heck Gruden and company are doing. The fruits of their coaching is less than impressive. I’m completely disillusioned and it’s only six games into the season. But if they are trying to get the first overall draft pick, then they are doing a good job. By the looks of things, that 1st round Chicago pick is less and less valuable each week! I have tickets to the Colts game and don’t even know if I want to go. Ugh.

  2. What do you expect from an egomania that got rid of every quality, Pro Bowl level talent on the team, starting with Crabtree, through King and, finally, the best player on the team and. cornerstone of the defense, Mack?

    Gruden is an unmitigated disaster that has ruined this team for years to come!

  3. What got you HERE Melvin?? You have to have more than one good season to say, (what got you here). Last time I checked you weren’t valued enough by the Colts or anyone else but Oak or you wouldn’t have been afforded the opportunity you currently have! 😤😤😱

  4. Whoever wrote this should put their name with it. You need to stop hatin on Gruden like he is TRUMP or something. This is a bad team we all can see that but its not his fault Mark couldn’t afford to sign MACK. We were a hot mess last year with MACK but we all wish he were still in O, ballin.

    1. You remaining Raidahs fans live in La La land! As I said, Gruden threw out the baby with the bath water, i.e. got rid of high quality players as he was cleaning house. Who has ever done that and gone on to build a championship team? Who? Championship teams ADD to their high quality talent, not get rid of it because the players don’t kneel before their coach.

      This whole episode with Mack reminds me of the time Don Nelson got rid of Chris Weber from the Warriors in 1993. They then went from a 50 win a season team to absolute garbage – for the next 13 years!! Meanwhile, Chris went on to have a fabulous, hall of fame level career. Watch what happens to the Raidahs and Mack over the next few years.

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