Report: Raiders Want A 1st-Round Pick In Exchange For Amari Cooper

On Sunday, Jon Gruden said the Raiders are not trying to trade Amari Cooper and said he felt bad that players had to play through those type of reports.

But Gruden hasn’t shown himself to be truthful in these situations in the past and an NFL Network report today is indicating that it’s a first-round pick the Raiders are hoping to get for Cooper, who still has another year on his rookie contract after this season.

“The Raiders have had conversations about potentially trading him,” Rapoport said on Monday. “My understanding is they have asked for a first-round pick for Amari Cooper.”

Cooper has been inconsistent once again this year and some have quietly questioned his effort level (Jerry Rice being the latest to do so) both in practice and in games. Cooper has also struggled to find rhythm with Carr and as talented as he is, Cooper has never been Carr’s most reliable receiver.

Based on his production, there’s no chance the Raiders are interested in giving Cooper a big contract so it sounds like Jon Gruden would like to cash out while he still can.

For what it’s worth, some have speculated that the Raiders didn’t pay Mack in part because they planned to re-sign Cooper.

If so, that was a colossal error in judgement.

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2 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Want A 1st-Round Pick In Exchange For Amari Cooper

  1. This whole organization has become one big joke! A first round pick for a first round bust? Really?

    I can’t wait for Gruden (who personally ruined this team) and Co. to get the hell out of Oakland!

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