A Look at the Raiders Playoff Odds for Every Win/Loss Scenario Remaining on their Schedule

What are the chances that the Raiders will make the playoffs?

According to a New York Times playoff simulator, the odds aren’t great, but here are the Raiders’ playoff odds for each scenario that can play out over the final two weeks.

Raiders beat ColtsPlayoff Odds: 45 Percent

A win against the Colts this week won’t put the Raiders in the playoffs, but it will basically turn their chances into a coin flip. It’s very possible that week 18 against the Chargers will be a playoff game to get to the playoffs.

Raiders lose to Colts – Playoff Odds: 7 Percent

It feels like the Raiders chances should be a little better if they lose to the Colts, but that’s partially because the simulator doesn’t find it likely that the Raiders can beat the Chargers the following week. If the Chargers, Ravens, and Steelers all lose this week (and they all very well could), the Raiders odds will go up significantly.

Raiders beat Colts and Chargers – Playoff Odds: 100 Percent

Just win, baby. Two wins and the Raiders are in.

Raiders beat Colts, lose to Chargers – Playoff Odds: 9 Percent

It might seem strange, but if the Raiders have to lose one of the next two games, this is the one to lose. Again, if the Chargers, Ravens, and Steelers lose in week 17, the Raiders still have a decent shot at making the playoffs even with a loss to the Colts.

Raiders lose to Colts, beat Chargers – Playoff Odds: 20 Percent

In this scenario, there is a good chance that the Raiders will know if this game means anything by the start of the game. Keep an eye on the Chargers game potentially being moved to Sunday Night Football depending on how week 17 plays out.

Raiders lose to Colts and Chargers – Playoff Odds: 0 Percent

The Raiders are underdogs in each of the next two games. So this is the outcome that the oddsmakers are expecting.

If the Raiders lose out, the odds are probably near 100 percent that they will carry out a complete overhaul of the coaching staff… and maybe even more than that.

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9 thoughts on “A Look at the Raiders Playoff Odds for Every Win/Loss Scenario Remaining on their Schedule

  1. There are a couple of interesting stats for the Raiders at this point:
    Defensive ranking….14th yds per game
    Offensive ranking…..11th yds per game
    And, the next two games are important as hell, which is refreshing, to say the least. There are a bunch of people crying in their beer about the Raiders but with all of the adversity and drama we have experienced we are still in it till we eliminate ourselves. This speaks volumes about the character of the team. Lots more character than the whiners.

    1. R+S, I agree but fans will lament the performances against the Bears and Giants if the Raiders don’t make the playoffs.

  2. My mind keeps going back to the Bears, WFT, and Giants!!!!! What a shame!!!! Still dont have confidence in our o-line and receiver corps!!!!

  3. This is a Raiders fan since Frank Yowell field my Dad took me at 9 or younger I just remember big Ben Davis ,coming off the edge undeniable one of the best 00 protecting the GB ,the WRs catching the ball in traffic ,Ray Guy punting the ball so high that it hit a score board; tackling that the players shock they selves off with Truf all up in there helmet ⛑ and to see if there still in the game and God bless John Madden Kenny snake Stabler for the 2 min drill ( I a Restaurant called Vinces on the corner of Hagginberger and Coliseum there was a picture on the wall that I’ll never forget Kenny Stapler with Mr.John Madden snake listening to Coach with his Jersey uniform grass stains in “Captions below “The 2 min.Drill “”Raiders for ever and to Mr.Al Davis

  4. The cliché is valid. That being the Raiders control their own destiny. A shame they lost to Chicago, NY Giants, and Washington. Had they won those three winnable games, they’d have the best record in the AFC tied with the Chiefs. Albeit, having been swept by the Chiefs, still not the top seed. If the Raiders win out the regular season and make the playoffs, they’ve already proven they don’t belong on the same field as the Chiefs. Can they prove otherwise? We’ll find out. It’s why they play the game. Another cliché, off course.

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