Mike Mayock Has “Real Chance” To Be Retained As Raiders’ General Manager

Don’t say your goodbyes to Mike Mayock yet, Raider fans.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, there is a real chance that owner Mark Davis will decide to keep his General Manager after the season:

“There is at least some optimism in the building that Mayock could get a real chance at the gig without Jon Gruden, who had final say over personnel decisions,” Fowler reported on Wednesday.

“Mayock and team owner Mark Davis have maintained a good relationship, and save a few draft missteps, the roster is in decent shape. The flip side is that Davis hasn’t made a firm decision or tipped off his plans, and some league folks are expecting a change. The situation remains fluid and neither option would shock. I’m just saying Mayock being let go is not a slam dunk.”

Some believe that Davis wants to be more involved in football operations going forward and if he feels that opportunity would be there will Mayock, it might make sense for Davis to go that route.

As the owner of the team, Davis can do anything he wants, but if he does want to stay involved there’s a chance it would weed out a few candidates. The fact that Mayock and Davis have worked well together over the past few months is certainly a good sign.

Just a guess… but if the Raiders make the playoffs this year, look for Davis to bring back Mayock and try to keep the coaching staff intact as much as possible. It’s possible that Gus Bradley could be promoted to head coach and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see a couple of tweaks on the offensive side of the ball.

For now, though, the Raiders coaching staff and Mayock probably have the most job security that they have had since Thanksgiving.

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23 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Has “Real Chance” To Be Retained As Raiders’ General Manager

  1. “A few minor draft missteps”, boy that’s the understatement of the year. UNDER Mayock, the Raiders have done horrible on their top draft picks. Sure, they’ve hit on some lower picks, but overall they’ve underachieved. To blame Gruden for this would be ANOTHER mistake by Dummy Mark Davis.

    1. It says very clearly that Gruden was in control of all final personnel decisions. Mayock didn’t get his reputation of being a draft guru for no reason. Let’s see what picks he can produce when he’s in control. 1 more year atleast.

    2. From a person with inside knowledge, gruden was handling rds 1-3, mayock the later rds. I could see this being completely true, considering we hit late and miss so big early. Gotta remember gruden had final say of all moves

  2. First I don’t think we can beat Colts and Chargers in order to get into the playoff, hope I am wrong, but Raiders still Raiders
    Second I believe that the Raiders had made the worst draft picks during Mayock time.
    We have the opportunity to get a real TOP 6 or 7 good players and we miss the chase big time. We can blame Gruden but sure Mayock have something to do with it

    1. Whaaaat are you talking about ? That’s not how power structures work, the final say is the only say! Doesn’t matter if Mayock was there he didn’t have veto authority and thus is not responsible for those picks …. Come on catch up.

  3. Gruden had final say not Mayock. What are you just stuck on stupid?? You still have your Chucky blow up doll??? Don’t answer. I know the answer. Christ!!???

    1. Amen clearly told everyone Gruden had 51% control from the Mack trade AB crap and everything else forward was on Jon Mayock deserves another year he made some good picks and he do have a nice track record in picking players except Manziel and Mark Sanchez but there’s many players he picked are now pro bowl players ….!!!!!

  4. Oh GOD! Please don’t retain Mayock! Trade Carr get a 1st and more for him. People think he’s the answer at qb. Start over make some smart picks in the draft. Get a good head coach and GM! Just win Baby🦾🦾🦾

    1. So despite a very poor o-line and No, ok Renfrow, WRs you want a new qb???!!! unless a qb can run for his life–look at Fields in Chicago!!!– that would only be the undoing of another qb!!! Shows your intelligence on the game!!! With DC we have the building blocks already in place……we need at least 2 GOOD o-linemen and a #1 WR!!!! Good thing you arent in charge of the draft!!!

  5. Stay with the same losers and the raiders will be in the same situation next year. With the same loss and same ridicule from the other team in division.

  6. Think we need to move on from mayock,his drafting has been awful with or without gruden we need fresh start.also with coaching staff Bradley is only one I would retain and rod m d line coach ,the rest need to be shown the door.as far as Carr goes not big on him but he may be our best option because of the ones coming out of draft and free agents available.as far as the rest of the roster if they are not all in to make us better and just here for a game check then cut ties!we are not that far from being decent team keep building defense piece by piece and offensive get a # 1 wr and possibly another vet wr to go with the # 1 wr and renfro and waller and build line back a little and another vet RB to spell Jacobs that can be a bell cow RB.

    1. not disagreeing with any of your other observations, but build the OL back a *little*?? c’mon man, this is our main problem area and biggest need! Leatherwood is a flat out bust, and the rest of our O line are journeymen at best. you’re right this is not a big draft for QBs but IMO we need to stock a couple number ones for DC, play Mariota a year, and go all in for quality O line. I don’t dislike Carr, nor is he the problem but he’s entering final year and not gonna be worth a huge extension or franchise him. Behind a decent line he would be in the MVP conversation right now

  7. To all raider nation Angel Palacio is no longer a raider fan he denounce the raider he is a titan fan or a charger fan

  8. Please don’t hire Todd Bowles as head coach his record speaks for itself. I need a bad *** like Harbaugh from Michigan.

  9. We all know Chucky made all the first and second rd picks. And left the rest to mayock. Who drafted excellent talent in the later rounds. Maxx Crosby and hunter renfrow. Who thinks they suck? NOBODY! TWO of the best players on the team. I say at least one more year for mayock. What do we have to lose

  10. draft picks for last 20 yrs , how many have sustained their value, 4 …5….on recent picks . now even those up in air to be traded, this ain’t winning stratege, team STARTS AT CARR, HIS RECEIVERS, DEFENSE….SO ON…MR. DAVIS …LEARN WHY AL DEFIED NFL FOR OVER 57 YRS. WATCH old tape. why did he say “just win baby” its only way nfl commishner can not influence refires against RAIDERS, only with wins on national tv as witness to blind penalties not called, any way you can ” JUST WIN BABY” WHATEVER IT TAKES” its LAS VEGAS….WHATEVER HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS….OTA…

  11. I guess it really doesn’t matter now, the best owner and coach (coach Madden and Mr. Al Davis) are in the heavens or someplace. Lol who do you think is calling the shots wherever they are God, Mr. Davis or coach Madden? Let’s see Stabler, Tatum, Christensen, Matuzak, Alzado , that’s respectable start, I’m positive I missed some, please oh! RUN RUN , (the Raiders water boy, I’ll say man) for over a little of two decades, please add to this list for the one’s I can’t remember.

    Rest in peace and keep kickn’ the chargers, chiefs, broncos, *** like ya own ’em.

  12. I think Mayock had more say in the latter part of the draft where we were getting all our Starters… All those #1 picks are dudes from Alabama… That is the worst place to pick up players from. Alabama players Never Pa out…Never!!! Crosby, Deablo, Tray on, Hobbs, Moehrig, Renfrow all Mayock ….


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