A Week After Essentially Rewarding The Titans For COVID Protocol Gaffes, NFL Hammers the Raiders for Less

Just call it the latest example of Raider bias from the NFL.

When the Titans lose players to positive COVID-19 cases, they move the game back to accommodate the team. Nevermind the fact that players were getting together (obviously without tracking devices) away from the facility to practice on their own, the league did everything possible to give the Titans a chance to field a full roster.

A single Raiders player, however, broke protocol on Monday and the NFL has chosen to move the game forward by four hours. Now it has been reported that second-year safety Johnathan Abram will miss Sunday’s game regardless of how his COVID-19 tests play out over the three days. Fortunately, the Raiders starting offensive line will be permitted to return to the team on Saturday assuming there are no more positive tests, but they will not have practiced all week leading up to one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Have the Raiders made mistakes involving the league COVID-19 protocols?


But how does the league reward a team for practicing with COVID-19 known to be in the locker room, but punish the Raiders for one player failing to utilize his tracking device correctly?

That’s not to say that people in the Raiders building aren’t aggravated (again) with Trent Brown for his clumsy discipline. They are. But why does the NFL, from a competitive standpoint, reward one team for coronavirus gaffes and punish others?

Once the precedent is set, shouldn’t the league be consistent with their punishments?

In the Raiders case, that answer is NO.

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3 thoughts on “A Week After Essentially Rewarding The Titans For COVID Protocol Gaffes, NFL Hammers the Raiders for Less

  1. This is typical and normal for the Raiders. If you are the head coach and GM, you speak to the owner Mark Davis and inform him this will be handled at the management level and illustrate to the Commissioner the accountability and proactive approach. Did this happen, No. Let’s hope the guys don’t test positive and they can play. Lets wait and see doesn’t get it done.. Favoritism to Brady and the Bucs to assist them on COVID-19 season. Simple. Trade T. Brown as an example of entitlement and leave it at that. SGD

  2. Classic NFL to give it to the Raiders organization! It’s classless of the league to be lenient on the Titans organization for there lack of care. I’ve stated for the last couple of years that its time to get rid of the commissioner and get someone who looks out for the best interest of every team not just the select few.

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