Raiders Again Unhappy With Trent Brown, Could Be Facing Even Further League Discipline

The Raiders have a problem on their hands.

Not only are they expected to be without right tackle Trent Brown on Sunday against the Buccaneers, the consequences for Brown’s positive coronavirus test extend far beyond the player himself.

Fortunately, Brown has been said to be asymptomatic to this point, but it looks like the Raiders won’t have the rest of their starting offensive line back until Saturday, and that is assuming none of them test positive in the next two days. The league will now keep Johnathan Abram (who was in close proximity to Brown) and the O-line starters away from the team for a full five days, according to ESPN, and the situation is only more complicated after an NFL Network report on Thursday that Brown wasn’t using his tracking device the way he was supposed to.

Considering the Raiders (and their players) have already been fined three times for violating the league’s COVID-19 guidelines, the league probably isn’t going to be inclined to show an extra measure of leniency this time around.

The team, for it’s part, is again frustrated with Brown, who most likely picked up the virus during the bye week and probably has the organization in more hot water over the fact that he hasn’t been wearing his tracking device properly. Remember, they were already unhappy with Brown’s physical conditioning in training camp and the extensive amount of time it took him to get his calf injury back to full strength.

As of now, the Raiders have been moved away from the primetime slot on Sunday (back to 1:00 Pacific Time) and will be without their starting right tackle. The league does not plan to move the game away from the weekend, so it will be interesting to see just how many players the Raiders are forced to be without when the Buccaneers come to town on Sunday.

Again… what an absolute mess.

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29 thoughts on “Raiders Again Unhappy With Trent Brown, Could Be Facing Even Further League Discipline

  1. Brown needs to leave town! On to more critical challenges; as the defense needs immediate attention and upgrading. I like the idea of trading for Geno Atkins, signing Irving, moving to sign Earl Thomas or better yet Eric Reid. Improving our team is what Gruden and Mayock promised, and exactly what they should be doing. I am very optimistic of multiple opportunities that we have before us, and I am anxiously waiting fir the balls to drop in these needed and available opportunities for trades and free agent signings.

    Go Raiders…just win baby!

    Coach L

    1. Couldnt have worded it better my self man! I think trent trade for a 4th-5th or terminating his deal would be best case. I think Atkins and dunlap need to come on board and sign either safety you said! Than our D would be stout ! I wouldn’t mind giving up some depth players and a few mid round selections at this point to make a run!

  2. Why can’t they play Monday if this was the patriots that’s what they would do for themAt least they play with real NFL football is played by the rules

  3. I would look to move Brown and get someone who wants to play hard for the Raiders. They are paying this guy too much money for him to be screwing a promising start to our season. I hope the team rallys together and beat the Bucs.

  4. Very selfish, putting his teammates at risk. It seems he is not committed being a Raider. Trade him away, before he comes more of a distraction.


  6. Time to stick a gray hound bus ticket in Trent Brown’s hand and tell him good bye.

    If I didn’t know any better I would swear Trent brown is purposely trying to ruin the Raiders season.

    I never liked the signing and knew he would become a lazy sack of dookie the minute he signed that huge contract.

    Sam Young has outplayed him this year so roll with Sam till the end of the year… I would cut bait with Trent immediately and draft an OT in the first or 2nd round in 2021.
    That is if the NFL doesn’t take a draft pick from the Raiders lol

    Gruden and Mayock need to tighten that team up. You can’t have 1 moron like Trent brown ruin an entire season.

  7. Should make it a must….to stay covered stay at home don’t go out…use big fans in practice to move the air an use exhauste fans

  8. This is another fine mess you got us in Curly. **** is there some kind of
    Voodoo going on here, Tampa Bay should be a walk In the park. Then you add Brady and I start thinking back to us kicking there butts in the snow Woodson gets him on a corner blitz and it’s twilight zone time then add in the super bowl where our beloved coach jumped ship knowing all our plays and Barrett loses his mind. 😠Kick there ***

    1. Callahan handed the game to his buddy Gruden by changing game plan from pounding the ball up field running, to passing game, 2 days before Superbowl after practicing running attack for 2 weeks. Barrett begged him not to do it, then fled to Tijuana

  9. Pay cut or cut him. He really isn’t that great. We have a great system surprisingly( Tom Cable). Good player. Not a grinder.

  10. Thanks Trent Brown, to bad he is 21.5 cap hit this year and only 14million next, he will be tempting to keep, but probably shouldnt if they xan move on

    1. Yes ! Trent Brown is a distraction, but he’s not the only one. This team has good players but trust,and believe that they’ll “SELF-DESTRUCT”! THIS TEAM IS BUILT ON “BS” ,you can’t separate the players by treating them differently. This team HAS to be on one accord ! Tighten UP RAIDERS !!!!

  11. This is complete b******* if the Raiders still have to play why are they taking our prime-time away no reason for that every other team that has covid-19 they canceled the game the Raiders get no love and then they take away our night game this is b*******!

  12. I believe all problems with Brown must be placed on shoulders of Gruden. Everyone wants to extend Gruden praise with team being 3-2. I say bs. If two horrible seasons and a 3-2 start to third is all a coach needs to receive 10 million plus contract then I need to change jobs.

    Gruden has made so many terrible decisions and cost Raiders a lot. Brown is a great example of that. Gruden did not care about anything and just threw obscene amount of money at Brown (Brown even publicly said that he signed contract which was 1st offer to Brown, because he didnt think he would receive another deal anywhere close to Gruden’s offer).

    Brown right away publicly went against Derek Carr posting Raiders should sign Brady. Brown had so-so 1st season ranking lower than at least 2-3 on his own offensive line let alone the league. There have been multiple issues this season where Brown has alienated himself from team, publicly commenting against organization and coaches regarding his injury, and now further displayed AB type behavior carelessly ignoring league protocol with tracking so he could do whatever he wants and did so contracting covid and causing several players to be placed on list and placing this weeks very important game in jeopardy.

    Gruden for all his genius portrayals sure is retarded when it comes to acquiring players and how to properly conduct transactions as a GM/Coach (Mayock makes no decisions). Gruden has cost Raiders organization and us fans to endure many losses that would not have occurred if Gruden was never brought back.

    I wish Al was still alive because none of this would be happening. It took the worst owner in history to bring all this about. We as fans are so blind and overlook n ignore reality so much that many of us delusionally believe Gruden has done good job thus far and deserves some type of credit and admiration.

    Gruden is a joke and should have never returned and deserved firing prior to this season. And if anyone wishes to dispute my posts i welcome anyone to properly rebut my observations contained herein and much much more I could use to support my reality & factually based assessment.

    1. Amen brother , Gruden is a straight up 500 coach he has never won more than half of his games and its not gonna change he is a straight up looser but Mark Davis worships this a– hole i say fire Gunther , Brown , and Gruden ASAP

    2. Davis’ senile draft picks were the reason they sucked so many years before his death. Ex-Raider Matt Millen, GM for Detroit, called Al and told him not to draft JaMarcus Russell after interviewing him. We all know how that turned out.

  13. So how come the bills and titans get there games postponed but something happens to the raiders now our game is earlier

  14. Get rid of him. He’s proven to be more trouble than he’s worth. Selfish and self absorbed we don’t need. We need a player who thinks of his teammates as well as actions that could adversely effect everyone. I’ve seen great players come and go ( Cooper, Mack). But this one you can cut loose and get no complaints from me.


  16. Trent Brown what are you thinking? Obviously not about what really matters, the Team, and the Fans, only yourself . Play by the rules or GET OUT !!!!! I used to be a fan of this guy, but we don’t need selfish idiots on a team trying to JUST WIN BABY☠☠☠🤬

  17. Very unprofessional on Trent Brown’s part for sure. (What’s with our luck with free agents with last name “Brown”???) While I admire his stance on not letting these online forums/comments/criticisms dictate what he does as a professional, I hope he’s open to constructive criticism (but obviously if his team of advisors are telling him to do exactly what he’s doing now, then there is no point).

    Though… I think what he’s doing also makes sense from his perspective. By front-loading his contract, he’s already taken all the benefits out of that contract and probably lost all motivation to continue. Next year’s salary of 14M is plenty of $, but it is a pay cut at the end of the day. He’s definitely playing that routine of trying to get out of the relationship where one would assume the role of a jerk so that the other would dump him/her. Only in this case, it’s a professional contract perhaps he’s trying to get out of after soaking in all that guaranteed money

    Speaking of being professional and guaranteed money, his first year participation/performance makes sense since the bulk of the salary was tied to roster bonus. Current season on the other hand (unfortunately for us), fully guaranteed. It definitely seems like he’s going to coast this season since why not, we trusted him (to be professional and uphold his end of the contract) and gave him the fully guaranteed salary so no matter what he does, he’s going to get paid. He’s probably thinking might as well preserve his body when he can. MAYBE he shows up to play next year since his contract is not guaranteed for next 2 years. I bet if his agent can test the water to see if there are other teams who’s willing to dole out more than $14~15m per year, then they will take this childish behavior to AB level to get released (whether it’s legal/ethical or not, I’m sure his agents already all over it).

    This is another reason why I hate to see guaranteed contracts. I mean I get why the players want this and is beneficial to players. But just as the team/owners take advantage of non-guaranteed contracts, there are players who definitely take advantage of these. There should be something in between that guarantees commitment and performance from both sides (similar to Trent Brown’s 1 year salary, base pay with some sort of performance based bonus (roster, performance, etc.) so that both the players and team would be engaged and committed to the contract signed).

    People gonna be people at the end of the day. With Gruden and Mayock, we started to focus more on character (and integrity of the individuals). Sure we have missed / overlooked few players but I do think the general direction of the team is in the right direction.

    Just win baby!

  18. What the **** is his stupid brand name that he was selling before he even hit a practice?

    Number 1 Loser… ?
    Comeback failed because he sucked in NE and continues his slothy fucking motivation to our team. He is Covid in the living form. And non ironically contracted it.

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