According to Report, Raiders Could Have Accepted Trade With Buccaneers and Still Drafted Henry Ruggs III

There’s no question the Raiders drafted the player they wanted in Henry Ruggs III, but judging by a report on Monday, the Raiders could have traded back to pick 14 and still drafted him.

The Buccaneers were reportedly offering the Raiders a first-round pick (14), a third-round pick (76), a fifth-round pick (161) and a sixth-round pick (194) in exchange for a first-round pick (12) and a third-round pick (81). Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock didn’t want to lose Ruggs to San Francisco at pick 13, so they took him with pick 12.

As it turns out, the 49ers were actually having conversations between taking South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw and Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer said Kinlaw was the player the 49ers expected to be there at pick 13, but Wirfs ranked “incredibly high” on their draft board and would have made the decision difficult at pick 13.

So by trading the 13th pick the 49ers essentially allowed the Buccaneers to decide between Wirfs and Kinlaw for them and added a fourth-round pick in the process.

If the Raiders had traded back to pick 14, the Buccaneers would have drafted Wirfs at pick 12 and the 49ers apparently would have drafted Kinlaw at pick 13. But for Gruden and Mayock it wasn’t worth the risk. They wanted Ruggs and weren’t willing to take a chance on someone else getting him.

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12 thoughts on “According to Report, Raiders Could Have Accepted Trade With Buccaneers and Still Drafted Henry Ruggs III

  1. Niners full of it. Everyone and their mother knows they wanted Ruggs too. Get out of here with this hindsight article

  2. Yes I wouldn’t of traded either to risky to not get Ruggs at 12

  3. If you believe that I have some time shares for sale you might be interested in.
    The Niners traded up to get Aiyuk late in RD1. You think they do this if ruggs is available at 13? It’s possible but the Niners probably would have been happy getting a RD2 DT after drafting Ruggs and not trading up for Aiyuk.

  4. I hope the raiders are happy with Mr. Ruggs.
    I just don’t see him being the stud receiver thy imagine. I’m thinking average at best. Jerry Jeudy & CeeDee Lamb will battle for the rookie receiver of the year, while Ruggs struggles to be average. Take that Raider nation.

  5. You blow good reports with bad reporting. No doubt Gruden made bad decisions he has been doing that from day 1 of his unfortunate return to Raiders. That doesnt surprise me but what does is the continued inclusion of Mayock into anything. Gruden makes every decision PERIOD! For some reason you media continue falsely including Mayock as if he plays an actual role in anything but Gruden wants you to do that so he has scapegoat even though Gruden has made clear his 100 percent control n decision making. You people in media are worthless. It surprises me how many of you still have a job.

  6. 20/20 hindsight is useless. And who is to say that the Niners didn’t also covet Rugg? I like that Gruden and Mayock took the guys they wanted and didn’t let anything or anyone interfere with their choices.

  7. I don’t believe that for a second. SF would have picked Ruggs. They went to plan B as soon as he came off the board.

  8. Not very smart thinking on our part because Ruggs would have still been there. Remember he was the third rated receiver out of the so called big three

  9. Ruggs was the Niners first target, Kinlaw their(that’s the correct spelling, by the way) backup. The Raiders chose wisely.

  10. B.S. if the Raiders could have traded down they would have. Everything in-between could have should have world have is hear say.

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