Adam Schefter on Raiders’ HC Rich Bisaccia: “I Don’t Think That He Believes That He Has a Chance”

ESPN insider Adam Schefter weighed in on the status of Raiders’ interim head coach Rich Bisaccia and it sounds like Bisaccia doesn’t have the impression that he will be retained after the season.

“I don’t think that he believes that he has a chance to keep the job, which is unfortunate, because he’s done a great job,” Schefter told Adam Schein on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. “They’ve faced a tremendous amount of adversity. He’s well respected and well-regarded amongst the players and the people in the organization… going into the postseason I don’t think he believes he’s safe.”

Rumors have swirled around the possibility of the Raiders hiring Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh (among others) for weeks, but Raiders’ owner Mark Davis has refused to conduct any official interviews until after the season.

Mad Dog Sports Radio on Twitter: “”I don’t think that he believes that he has a chance to keep the job, which is unfortunate, because he’s done a great job.”@AdamSchefter gives @AdamSchein his opinion on Rich Bisaccia’s future with the #Raiders / Twitter”

“I don’t think that he believes that he has a chance to keep the job, which is unfortunate, because he’s done a great job.”@AdamSchefter gives @AdamSchein his opinion on Rich Bisaccia’s future with the #Raiders

For what it’s worth, the Raiders will have to conduct interviews regardless of how the season plays out.

Because they officially have a head coaching vacancy following Jon Gruden’s resignation, the Raiders will have to conduct formal interviews, including the NFL’s Rooney Rule requirement to interview at least one minority candidate. In 2018 when they hired Gruden, the Raiders were criticized for the way they implemented the Rooney Rule into their hiring process.

Regardless of who interviews for the Raiders job, it’s hard to imagine that the job won’t come down to either Bisaccia or Harbaugh. Davis tried hard to hire Harbaugh in 2014 and Bisaccia has done a great job this year leading the Raiders to the playoffs. As Schefter pointed out, many of the players want to keep Bisaccia and keeping the coaching staff together would go a long way toward retaining a handful of their priority free agents.

One thing we do know, however, is that the Raiders’ head coaching gig is going to be one of the most coveted jobs in the league. Probably the most coveted job.

If there is a head coach that the Raiders want, they shouldn’t have trouble getting that coach.

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19 thoughts on “Adam Schefter on Raiders’ HC Rich Bisaccia: “I Don’t Think That He Believes That He Has a Chance”

  1. Rich Bisaccia as well as Mike Mayock deserve another chance. The players & fellow coaching staff seem to truly respect this man! More time, more continuity. That’s more important than anything else. There have been too many changes, in too short of time, for too long.
    Give Mayock a chance to choose his own players. We all know that Gruden has always been the guy who made the decisions in the draft. That being said, what happened in Tampa after he had total control? As much as I like Gruden I never felt he was a good evaluator of talent. record in that dept. speaks for itself.
    Mike Mayock & Coach Bisaccia really seem t have a lot of respect for oe another & that’s more than half the battle. Bring them both back!

  2. Si reemplazan a Rich Bisacchia es romper con una imagen positiva y comenzar otra vez una reconstruccion que ya lleva casi 20 años y los buenos jugadores que van a hacer mejor hay que buscar complementar lo que ya se tiene y hacer mejores contrataciones no payasos como A Brown o el payachuster o la vedete de A Rogers se necesita ser Raider de corazon y con alma y orgullo de ser Raider como lo hizo Al Davis John Madden y Tom Flores

  3. Rich deserves to be the head coach of the Raiders going forward but life isn’t fair! I think it would be a mistake to start all over again. If they do it will be three to five years before they sniff the playoffs.

  4. Bisaccia keeps the job if he beats the Bengals. It’s come down to that one game, and it will determine his job next season. So we’ll see.

  5. I think Rich Bisaccia has a great chance at being the Raiders full time coach. He got them to where they are now. They are going to avenge that loss against the Bengals on there home turf. Go Raiders.

  6. You ppl.are either stupid or blind I don’t care how much the players like Bisaccia! Yes he’s a nice guy great and all he is definitely Not head coach material! He’s been a special teams coach no disrespect… if they pass on Flores or Harbaugh
    It’ll be another 3 yr set back at the very least this is a business.
    If Bisaccia gets this team to the Superbowl he doesn’t even need to win it just get the team there I’m 100% in Hire him as head coach.

    1. Dude

      They are playing their asses off for him and each other. This is a tight locker room. With all the adversity this team has gone through…they respond to Rich. He’s got my vote to continue to be the head coach. Continuity is smooth going into the next season even if we’re one and done. Next year we’ll definitely be better.

    2. Stupid or blind???
      Let me clue you in on something. Raider Nation doesn’t diss one another!!
      Coach deserves the job no matter what you or anyone else says. I just hope that Mark Davis does the right thing and go by the Rooney rule first and hand over the keys to Visaccia second… Did you notice that I didn’t diss you one bit? That’s how we roll, and you get to sit in the middle of the back seat!!!

  7. Rich has done a great job. UT if they don’t keep him, I’d like to see Tom Cable in there again.

  8. Bottom line, Bisaccia has gotten the team to play hard! Something, Gruden simply could not do. But, it would be just like Dummy Mark Davis to overlook this and make another wrong decision. After all, that’s ALL that he’s done since taken over the team.

  9. So let’s say you weren’t into work on Monday morning and found out that your supervisor was fired. Then they tell you that for the time being, you are going to assume his position. Why? Well you know your job well and your co-workers respect you. Cool, right? Now let’s say for the next few months you kick some ***! You work like a Hebrew slave and push production to a level it hasn’t been at on almost 20 years! Then a new quarter starts and they bring in someone different to be your boss. Wouldn’t that suck? Wouldn’t you feel like you deserve a shot to retain that position? I think you see what I’m getting at…give Rich Bisaccia a shot; a real shot. No interim tag, no shadows to live in… none of that. Give the guy a shot, man! I love you, Nation!

    1. Interesting posts; at the end of the day, the Raiders need someone who is a better judge of talent and a strong offensive guru type of head coach. Their defensive coach is fine, just need more talent and depth, in a draft expert on evaluating talent. Biracial seems like a good man and is well liked by players, but the Raiders are far to incontinence, to many mistakes, and they lack discipline. Perhaps it’s time to take a chance on a young college coach that nobody has heard of, it worked well last time with Madden.

  10. This team reminds me of the First wild card team to ever win the super bowl. The 1980 Oakland Raiders. While the great Tom Flores didn’t have the imaculent reception to boost his career he was “Just” a qb for the silver and black back when football was football. No ESPN. And the not Marino numbers qb another raider great, Jim Plunket but has twice the rings the aforementioned Marino and 1 more then Mr Hollywood Kurt Warner. Hey, Plunkett or Flores would be better movies.Florez has more accomplishments then Knoll or any other NFL favorites. And barely got his props last summer. Equality NFL? Start there. Put Plunkett there already. Right Metallica. Go Raiders!!!!!! CISCOKIDD64

  11. I think Coach B deserves a shot. Coach Tom Flores didn’t have a clue how he was gonna if he could, follow up on the great John Madden. Look what happened. Won his first superbowl as a wild card. Something no coach had ever done. Go coachB Go Raiders. Raider Nation. The only nation.

  12. I hope he gets the job. The players really do seem to enjoy playing for him. He’s chilled and it’s not about “him”. There was once an unassuming coach of the RAIDERS that the players responded to TWICE that nobody thought would be any good. He finally got his yellow jacket last year. Just win baby

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