Report: Raiders “Very Likely” to Replace GM Mike Mayock after the Season

The Raiders have a lot of big decisions coming after the season and the one that seems to be getting the most attention is the search for Jon Gruden’s permanent replacement.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia is becoming a stronger candidate every week and according to CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora, it’s the status of GM Mike Mayock that might be the situation to watch closely.

“While Raiders interim head coach Rich Bisaccia remains in position to possibly keep his job, league sources said Raiders owner Mark Davis is very likely to be making a change at general manager as his team enters Week 18 still alive for the postseason,” La Canfora reported on Wednesday.

“General manager Mike Mayock has had a difficult run of draft selections, with many top picks playing sparingly or out of the league entirely already, and the Raiders are looking to make changes on that side of the building,” La Canfora continued. “Two first round picks, Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette, were let go during the season for violations of the personal conduct policy. Sources said Mayock was nearly let go a year ago when Jon Gruden was still overseeing the organization.”

Whatever the Raiders choose to do in the offseason, the decisions will come down to Mark Davis.

The Raiders’ owner is notoriously tight-lipped and has been known to make decisions quietly.

It would seem that the Raiders have a good thing going, but in a week-to-week league, narratives can change quickly. A week from now it could be Mayock that is expected to stay and Bisaccia might be the one out the door.

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31 thoughts on “Report: Raiders “Very Likely” to Replace GM Mike Mayock after the Season

  1. Really. We all know Gruden was in charge of the draft. To me it’s both or it’s none. Not taking anything away from Bisaccia but I’m sure a GM wants his own guy. I say give them one year without Gruden and if it blows up next year it does. They will also have a lot of cap room. Let Mayock be a GM and not a pawn.

    1. Agreed, the offensive coordinator Olson is the only one I would replace. Let’s see what the rest can do without Gruden there. I think Mayock and the coaching staff has earned that chance. Give it too them, don’t take it away .

    2. Renfrow, Hobbs, Deablo, Koonce are just some of the later round guys that are contributing. Ruggs was coming around until his poor decisions so that can’t be on Mayock.

      I’d give him another season to evaluate unless someone with much better track record and experience is the replacement.

  2. La Canfora has a history of not being an honest journalist. He typically makes things up. His accuracy is a whopping 4 %. So it either means he has bad information or he lies about 96% of the time. Take your pick. I consider him another untrusted sports writer. Would I be hurt if they cut ties with MM? Not if they are bringing in someone better.

  3. Crosby, Diablo, Hobbs, Renfrow.. Koonce possibly , all good later choices. Obviously signed really good former chargers…Jefferson, Philbon, Hayward,…. these are solid transactions too. Grudens the moron draft choice guy. Yes, Ferrell was bad, but Gruden running off Mack set that up for failure.

    Losing Mayock hurts. IMHO. Get rid of Bradley’s prevent 3 safety look and the 3 man rush – we never endure the OT period from last week. That last 8 minutes was egregious; our defense basically played 1-1/2 games last week…Get rid of that “force it to Waller ” 10 times per game offense and maybe we score more than 4 FG per game….

    1. I left out Crosby in my post but you’re absolutely right about him hitting on later draft picks.

      Running Mack and Cooper out of town was to open up cap space in order to rebuild the Raiders to his roster.

      Mack had that 1st amazing season in Chicago but his play dropped off and he ended up on IR this last season.

      Raiders now in the playoffs with Grudens rebuilt team even though his witch hunt from WFT cause him to lose his job.

      Yes we lost Mack but that’s a reason that Crosby came aboard.

  4. Mayock is incompetent and his downfall was tying himself to Gruden n every decisions Gruden made. Mayock publicly sunk himself as he proclaimed that he n Gruden basically saw eye-to-eye on most things (draft, personnel, trades, contracts, etc…). Of course everyone knows Gruden made all decisions but Mayocks public approval n support of said decisions means Mayock must be held accountable for the results of all those horrible decisions Gruden made from day 1.

    There is no doubt that Gruden caused franchise to take steps backwards costing team n fans unnecessary hardships. Lets not forget that this time last year Gruden was conducting season-ending interview boasting how team was a player or 2 away from serious contention. Gruden then proceeded to make substantial amount of personnel changes contraditcing his 1-2 players away proclamation. He also failed to make many changes that should have been made n his disbanding of offensive line n then patching new line from scrap pile has caused Raiders severe issues that still hinder the offenses true capabilities.

    Had Mayock publicly separated himself from all those horrible decisions his future with franchise may be salvageable but since thats not the case he must sink with Gruden ship. I also believe anyone else wishing to remained tied to old regime must be shown the door as well. Forget the fact that team is in post season n disregard the fact that they won 4 straight n remember the multitude of games lost to weak teams, the several games at which team was beaten easily n by wide margins, n put into perspective the fact that 3-0 start occurred against teams not very good at time n Ravens with substantial injuries missing key players n finally, the continuous difficulties offense displayed throughout entire 1st half of majority of their games (record lows while Gruden was at helm n occasionally after departure).

    I am left with belief that someone other than Gruden coupled with properly assembled front office, coaching staff, n heirarchy this team would not have the struggles we witnessed, completed season with more prowess n in stronger fashion. Gruden n his ways have cost us all years.

    Everyone seems to overlook the true value Mack brought to team. The performance side is without question one aspect but the unseen value whereby free agents had once again desired to come play with Mack n Raiders even at discounted contracts. Fortunately, Crosby n others are lending aid in repairing that which Gruden destroyed which is a huge missing n necessary component a successful franchise requires in order to place a competitive team on field with hopes of producing wins.

    If Mayock is allowed to remain (n probably Bisaccia) then it prevents the stale air of dysfunction from evaporating allowing for fresh air of success to circulate and help create a foundation needed to win year in n year out.

    1. Dick I conquer 100% facts you have spoken I Applaud 👏🏿 your statements are on point Hiring Gruden with that ridiculous salary was the 1st ludicrous mistake made by Davis giving that Buffoon way to much control over the whole franchise/ players Decisions squandered off multiple 1st rnd draft picks his conservative / predictable play calls the game had passed Gruden bye! ,Davis is responsible 1st and foremost! The Raiders still have a lot to fix on this Team and the only way this coach should kept as head coach he has to get this team to the Superbowl! Anything less he’s out! Not head coach material. Sorry no move time to waste..

  5. The majority of the wrong picks in the draft. and the Colossal mistake trading Mack falls on Gruden. Raiders gotta give Mayock at least one more year.

  6. heres a list of mayocks draft picks, hes been horrible in the 1st rd where him and gruden made the pick but better in later rds where the scouts have a bigger say…

    Clelin Ferrell – Solid player, not worth 4th overall, but good depth..flop

    Josh Jacobs – Starter, great RB that creates extra yards on every run…good

    Johnathan Abram – Starter….flop

    Trayvon Mullen – Starter

    Maxx Crosby – Starter, one of the best defenders in the league so far this year

    Isaiah Johnson – Cut, never did much..flop

    Foster Moreau – Great second TE. Good blocker and receiver. good

    Hunter Renfrow – Might not be a starter, but one of the best slot receivers in the league and always comes up clutch good

    Quinton Bell – Nothing here, 7th round pick though..flop


    Henry Ruggs – Starter, shows potential and opens up the offense, but the jury is still out on him. Being a starter is significant enough though. Big play potential. flop

    Damon Arnette – Really not enough to go off of. Has shown some potential in my mind, but still has some issues. flop

    Lynn Bowden Jr. – Bad pick flop

    Bryan Edwards – Big bodied WR. Didn’t do much his rookie year but is looking to make a big impact this season. Already has some game winning plays. so so

    Tanner Muse – Bad pick flop

    John Simpson – Depth guard, hasn’t played much, so so

    Amik Robertson – Special teams player, showed some nice plays in the preseason but hasn’t done much. flop


    Alex Leatherwood – Starter so so

    Trevon Moehrig – Starter good

    Malcolm Koonce – Hasn’t even played good

    Divine Deablo – STs good

    Tyree Gillespie – STs good

    Nate Hobbs – Starter, has shown some real potential good

    Jimmy Morrissey – Hasn’t played gone


    Alec Ingold good

    AJ Cole good

  7. I think Coach and GM both deserve 1 more year. Most teams wouldnt get rid of either after a 10 win season.
    Could have easily been a 13 win season.

  8. Mayock wasn’t the one to pick early rounds remember he’s the one that brought in F.A. that work out for the RAIDERS

  9. Mike Mayock deserves another chance. Under Gruden, Mayock had no control. He made the right decision to promote Bisaccia even though there were other coaches on the staff that had head coaching experience. while there have definitely been some busts from the draft picks, how many of them were really his?
    Now that he has 51% control, give him another shot along w/Coach Bisaccia!

  10. Grass is always greener. The team made the playoffs with his guys, hit or miss by round.

    Derserves a shot without Gruden

    1. What? There’s another JB on here? Oh, well. I supposed there’s ten million dudes with those initials!

  11. 👏👏👏👏👍particularly appalling to me in the playing down to an inferior opponent was the debacle of the giants game and solidified my statements on many occasions to the that effect of playing down to inferior teams and and then coming back 3 weeks later to beat the cowboys in front of a national audience on Thanksgiving

  12. So Davis is tight lipped and nobody knows but Mayock likely out. This is what passes for Journalism?

  13. Yeah, but how much effect did he really have? Seems like Gruden was in charge. I’d let Mike and Rich have a year to see how they do. The players seem to really love Rich, especially.

  14. Coach deve de ir se junto con carr ya no esperen nada de carr es el pronlema de raiders ya dejen de estar enamorados de carr deven de hacer cambios con la cabeza no con el corazon ya es mucho tiempo sin raiders mas alla de los playoff ya ven los patrotas su primer año sin bready ya estan en playoff

  15. Coach and GM stay on one year prove it deals. No other way we aren’t a joke next season. Now if Davis knows Mike loved the draft picks then maybe a different story. Ruggs was a good pick just made a stupid mistake (according to most it was out of character mistake). The rest of the reaches are 💯 horrible picks.

  16. I like Mayock. He’s missed some picks, but has hit on later rounds. You can’t judge him for Ruggs. That’s was an anomaly. Personally, I wanted CD Lamb but it looked like Ruggs was a Gruden pick and before the incident, Ruggs was looking like a stud in year 2.

  17. It seems unlikely that Mark Davis would leak his thoughts on on keeping or Releasing current staff during a week before his team played the its most meaningful game in years! I call BS on this report, #Click bait!

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