Add Another Layer to Florio’s Derek Carr Hate and Why We Might Not Ever Know if the Raiders Were Interested in Tom Brady

Mike Florio might not be able to follow Derek Carr on Twitter, but his obsession with Carr is as strong as ever.

Writing this week about a report suggesting the Raiders are prepared to offer Tom Brady $60 million over two years, Florio got a little more off his chest. Turns out he feels Jon Gruden isn’t able to be as profane around Carr as he would like.

“Gruden seemingly has restrained his profane rants while coaching Derek Carr for fear of having him crumble under the weight of Gruden’s aggressive vocabulary,” Florio wrote this week at ProFootballTalk.

Florio obviously hasn’t researched the coaches Carr played for in college. Pat Hill and Dave Schramm can compete with Gruden’s mouth on any stage.

What a stupid take, Fake News Florio.

As for the Brady rumor, Florio acknowledged that it didn’t come from a source with a history of breaking news (or someone still full time in sports media for that matter), but he isn’t concerned.

“Although this one (like the Bernie Smilovitz report of Matthew Stafford trade talks) doesn’t come from someone with an extensive track record of breaking NFL news, my knee-jerk reaction is to believe it,” Florio continued, adding that the source of the report is connected to agents around he league.

And therein lies the most likely source of all the recent Brady rumors.

The more interest (whether it’s real or not) Brady’s agent can drum up, the more leverage he’ll have in negotiations with the Patriots (even if that only means forcing Belichick to sign a player or two Brady wants). Even better, since the salary cap essentially forces the Patriots to have their decision from Brady before free agency officially begins (or they take a significant cap hit), there is a good chance (assuming he re-signs with New England) that we’ll never know for sure what teams were actually interested in the 42 year-old quarterback.

Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock obviously aren’t talking on Carr’s status, but local beat writers have definitely been given the message in recent weeks that Carr most likely isn’t going anywhere.

Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter

The Tom Brady roulette wheel is working overtime. Just keep in mind who keeps spinning it and why.

Then again, if the Raiders were planning to go after Brady, they’d want the news squashed until the last possibly minute, anyway… so who knows what the truth is, especially when Gruden and Mayock haven’t gone particularly far out of their way to end the rumors.

Some have suggested that the Raiders haven’t endorsed Carr harder because they don’t want to tip off teams before the draft (make teams think they might draft a QB), but the Brady saga will be long over with by the time the draft rolls around. If Gruden really wanted to squash the Brady stories, it wouldn’t be that difficult. Make a call to a trusted writer and offer an exclusive, comment on the Brady rumors, and it’s a done deal.

Squashing the Brady rumors would by no means disqualify the Raiders from drafting a quarterback. Brady is older than the Spanish constitution. There are plenty of QB-needy teams that aren’t interested in him.

So that whole situation in terms of how the Raiders have handled it is a little strange.

Meanwhile, Florio so badly wants to believe the Brady (and anyone else to Vegas) rumors that he’s already saying Carr is never going to play in Las Vegas:

“For Carr, it may be time to start thinking about lining up a new seat in the game of quarterback musical chairs, because it feels like — one way or the other — he’s never going to be living in that house that he built next door to Jon Gruden’s in Las Vegas.”

That’s quite a take.

Hold onto this statement for now and we’ll circle back again in a few months.

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12 thoughts on “Add Another Layer to Florio’s Derek Carr Hate and Why We Might Not Ever Know if the Raiders Were Interested in Tom Brady

  1. I think the media r a bunch of lames. Think about if Gruden were to sign or even publicly go after Brady or someone else for or around 60 million (30 a season) how all those lies about Mack would undeniably crumble n fans would finall see the light n Gruden for what he truly is a lying no good mediocre (at best) coach. N if Gruden trades away picks stock-piled from his bogus rebuild process that the retarded media n fans provided 2 Gruden would also rip apart the lies n stories Gruden has relied upon to save face for the less than mediocre coaching job he has done since return.

    I also feel that Gruden is biggest piece of s##t for never coming out publicly to support Carr. He sure had no problem publicly supporting AB when he was in Oakland until he had no other choice but to release AB through his scapegoat Mayock. I wish the Media would report facts and provide the real skinny about Gruden his ridiculous contract and all the lies he has told since return.

  2. Florio your an idiot u don’t have a clue what yur talking about. Year after year the f’n problem the raiders is their defense, you just have a hatred with carr look at his stats.

  3. This is exactly what I thought. Florio wrote all those paragraphs just so he could take a dig at Carr. Florio is such an arrogant clown.

  4. Suppose to be building for the future. In my opinion the raiders are probably three years out before the2020 rookies are ready to be great. Brady is definitely not the answer. If the raiders let the rumor keep rolling they could drive the price up for the Pats to retain him . If somebody wants to trade a 1st round pick for Carr then you might draft your guy for the future hope he is ready in 3 years . I dont see that happening . Maybe a 2nd???

  5. Florio learned his Skill for lying as a Lawyer (liar). His knowledge of the Game is Minor at Best. Couldn’t Pick a Winner if His families Lives depended on it. He found that if he Makes **** Up some people listen… He has been called out by Many including The NFL itself, Carr, Rodgers to name a Few. Even recently he showed his lack of Sportsmanship and Disregard for Playing by the Rules when he suggested that the 49er’s “Send a Message” by targeting KC QB Mahomes for Injury. After all it could only Cost them the “Risk of 15 Yards”. According to sources i Will Not Name, (LoL) He has Always felt Very Inferior to Many but especially Inferior to Athletes due to His Complete Lack Physical Skills. He discovered that he could receive the Attention that He so Desperately Covets by Inventing False Narratives about the People he is Most Envious of. He Knows that there will be No Repercussions for this Behavior because he has “Sources” which, as a “reporter” are Protected. It must Suck to be Him. A Soulless Diminutive man searching for something that Under No Circumstances will he EVER experience.

  6. I wasted my time reading your stupid article about nothing. You deserve a size 10 combat boot up your @ss. Stop wasting people’s time with retarded sh#t

  7. What’s amazing though, is how many within Raider Nation buy Florio’s line of thinking that DC is so sensitive that the team needs to waste its salary cap for “tough-as-nails” Brady or trade away its draft picks to bring in a shiny new QB from the college ranks

  8. Mike Florio has to be the most clueless media hack in history! How anyone can read his trash or listen to him on radio/TV is beyond me! The more he talks about Carr the dumber he comes off and the more likelihood that Carr is The Raiders QB for now and the foreseeable future! I hope Carr comes face to face with him at some point and has a few Gruden-esque words for him! Carr 2020

  9. Brady isn’t going any where. As far as Carr goes he’s not leaving the Raiders, he played Grudens game. Carr is a good leader and motivater but does have the leeway to call plays that’s all Gruden and he needs receiver help.

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