Stefon Diggs Getting Close to Finding a New Home? Raiders in the Mix?

Is Stefon Diggs about to be traded?

The Vikings haven’t done anything to acknowledge that he might be available, but all signs point to a trade happening sometime between now and the draft.

And Diggs offered another cryptic tweet on Saturday.

DIGGS on Twitter

Things getting interesting …

Everyone knows Diggs wants to leave the Vikings and rumors are that it would take a first-round pick to acquire him. The Raiders have two first-round picks, but they most likely won’t be willing to give up one for Diggs knowing that they can probably add one of the top receivers in the 2020 draft with the same pick.

For what it’s worth, Diggs contract will count $14 million or more against the salary cap in each of the next seasons – so that will be a factor in what teams are willing to give up for him.

Unless they can get him for a third-round pick (they don’t have a 2nd), the Raiders seem like a long shot to reel in Diggs, but with Jon Gruden calling the shots you never know.

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6 thoughts on “Stefon Diggs Getting Close to Finding a New Home? Raiders in the Mix?

  1. Diggs isn’t coming to the Raiders unless Minnesota is willing to take a 3rd draft pick which we all know the aren’t! During the season this trade made sense. They were chasing the playoffs. It now makes NO SENSE! Lotta young talented WR’s out there. They’ll be some really good “Cheap” ones at #12 and #19! Let someone else babysit Diggs!

  2. We need secondary help, now if we can get Mack back, do it but diggs would be a good player for us, an we should give vontez another chance.

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