Advanced Stat Shows Exactly Where the Raiders Need to Improve Most on Offense

If we’ve learned anything about Jon Gruden over the past two offseasons, it’s that he is about as unpredictable as they come – especially when it comes to personnel decisions.

So when it comes to making offseason predictions involving the Raiders, good luck stumbling into any success. But even though it’s Gruden and even though we’re talking about the Raiders, there might be a couple of moves coming that everyone should bank on over the next few months…

The Raiders are going to get faster – particularly on offense.

Gruden, and others within the organization, have pointed to the team’s lack of speed on offense and there is no question that adding speed at wide receiver will be a top priority this offseason – maybe the top priority.

One of the most compelling stats from the 2019 season highlighted the effectiveness of speed in modern NFL offenses. According to Next Gen Stats, the two fastest offenses in the league (average top speed of ball carriers) will face each other in the Super Bowl. The only top-5 team on the list not in the playoffs was in the Super Bowl a year ago.

Looking at the wide receivers set to hit free agency, it’s going to be a challenge to speed up the Raiders offense significantly before the draft. Trades are always a possibility, but that would require the Raiders to part with valuable draft capital. That might not be the smartest way to go about things considering the 2020 draft class at wide receiver. Look for at least one speedster (Henry Ruggs comes to mind) to be drafted by the Raiders in the first round… and don’t rule out another being picked soon after.

For what it’s worth, the Raiders could also stand to add a little speed at linebacker. This won’t be a bad draft to fill that need, as well.

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11 thoughts on “Advanced Stat Shows Exactly Where the Raiders Need to Improve Most on Offense

  1. In my humble opinion there are two main flaws when it comes to coaching the Raiders.
    We don’t have a killer instinct…. at all. They do better coming from behind. Once we get the lead, we change and go to clock management (Greek for allowing the other team back in the game). When we are up, we don’t keep our cleats on their throat and keep going. It is almost like we put away the playbook so we don’t show our next opponent our plays – which equals either losing or having the games WAY closer than they should be
    Our half time speech SUCKS! We don’t come out of the locker room after half time until the fourth quarter. We’d be a great hockey team because we only play three periods. The third quarter should have at least made intelligent tweaks and maybe even script the first possession for offense AND defense like we do for the first quarter. Third quarter is a nightmare and that is all on the coaching staff.

  2. There is speed at receiver for (Vegas), Gafford and Ratliff-Williams, young speed. But, I agree Ruggs would make a great addition. The Carr questions are still the biggest issues on our offense. Will he still be a RAIDER in 2020? Will he, quarter by quarter, consistently play up to his talented potentials? Some have teams drafting behind us, trading into the top ten. If it works out that way, which I think is unlikely, Simmons could potentially fall to us. If that happens, there’s a possibility we could take two linebackers in round one, and trade into the 2nd round for a receiver.

  3. I hope the Raider Roster 📜improves with the draft. I am sure Mike Davi💲 has the money💰 to make it happen💵. New stadium🏟, new players and lots of prayers🙏! Go Las Vegas Raiders!!!!! 🏈🏆❤💥👏😎🕳

  4. I’d like to see the Raiders draft Wideout Ceedee Lamb or Jerry Juedy.

    If they are off the board then, yes draft Henry Ruggs III or Lyn Bowden Jr (Kentucky) or Laviska Shenault Jr (Colorado), perhaps Tylan Wallace (Oaklahoma St), Tee Higgins (Clemson) has good size and speed, but he’s no “burner”.
    As for Outside Linebackers, Isaiah Simmons (Clemson) has speed and adequate size 6’4″ 230lbs, but I would prefer Kenneth Murray (Oaklahoma) at 6’2″ 243lbs as well as Cater Cooughlin (Minnesota) at 6’4″ 245lbs maybe in the 3rd round.

    As for a Middle Linebacker, Joe Bachie (Michigan St) seems like a late round safe pick.

  5. Why are people so concerned about their offense? Yard after year the biggest problem is their defense, they the raiders can’t tackle, and they can’t cover receivers. I’m also tired of everyone blaming Carr, look at his stats, they are good. The only reason they the mighty raiders aren’t in the playoffs is their lackluster defense which is rated 32 on the list as one of the worst defenses in the nfl.

  6. I wish the Raiders would consider Marcus Mariota for a back up or better Quarter back than Carr. I think with the Raiders he would have a great team around hin. I have been a Raider fan since thier Yowell field days aand a Mariota fan through his college and pro career. They need a mobile quarterback

  7. That would be stupid to waste a high draft on offense. The defense can’t hardly handle stoping a college team !!! They couldn’t stop two teams offensive last year and that costed them the playoffs. Stopping the run and pass is more of a need . Look at the 49ers. Just as bad as Oakland a few years back . So who is playing in two weeks

  8. Because we have a ton invested in offense and cannot score any better than we can stop anyone.

    Getting decent buy not great yardage in garbage time doesn’t equal a good offense.

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