After Missing Consecutive Games, Gareon Conley’s Injury Becomes More Worrisome

It might be time to be (even more) concerned with Gareon Conley’s shin.

Conley was first diagnosed with ‘shin splints’ in June and there has obviously been a setback of some kind since he last played in week three. It’s been speculated that Conley is actually dealing with a slow-healing stress fracture, but the Raiders have never confirmed the injury.

What makes the matter even more frustrating is that Conley is already arguably the best cornerback on the Raiders roster – although that’s not making a strong statement at this point.

Given the way Sean Smith has been letting receivers run by him, general manager Reggie McKenzie was wise to invest in a cornerback with the Raiders first-round pick. Now he needs to figure out a way to get that pick on the field before the 2017 season is in the books.

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4 thoughts on “After Missing Consecutive Games, Gareon Conley’s Injury Becomes More Worrisome

  1. I laughed when everyone was saying the Raiders are back! We haven’t won ****! Carr can’t win the big games! Bambi-Mode is old! Cooper can’t catch a cold in Siberia! Same old Raiders ! Hopefully now all bandwagon fans can get off! Oh JDR is doing nothing ! Fire them !

    1. Hey Jules, your a f**king douchbag, open your eyes or put the meth pipe down. We won 12 games last year and made it to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years . We also have one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Carr who came in 2nd last year in 4th quarter comebacks. We also have the reigning DPOY in Mack. Your in the wrong room bitch, go back to denver

  2. So far, Reggie is batting 1.000 on 1st round corners. Conley does indeed look legit & is clearly our best corner but if he can’t get on the field, it won’t make any difference

    1. It’s 4 games into his rookie season, and the game and a half he did play, he was Raiders best corner, which is saying something as there are several multi year players out there. He’s going to be an elite lock down corner, and the defense will be scary once everyone’s healthy and developed.

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