These Hot Takes On The Raiders Need To Go Away

After a 2-3 start, the internet is being bombarded with “hot takes” on the Raiders.

Some are reasonable, some are not. These are three of the worst…

Marshawn Lynch is dividing the locker room and the offensive line is punishing Derek Carr for not sitting during the national anthem.”

These are both bad theories. Since the first two games, Carr has been holding onto the ball too long at times (and taking unnecessary hits) and Marshawn Lynch has nowhere to run. Is the offensive line boycotting Lynch, too? He’s a bird of a different feather, but there has never been a hint of animosity from teammates toward ‘Beast Mode’. The narrative that he’s been “divisive” was created without any basis at all. That theory needs to go back to from whence it came.

Fire the head coach!”

Jack Del Rio was at the wheel when the culture changed in Oakland. One bad season isn’t going to get him carted off the field – especially if it’s true that Del Rio has the owner’s ear as much as anyone in the organization (some believe he does). Del Rio deserves at least one bad season before assuming the hot seat and probably another down year before getting canned. General manager Reggie McKenzie and owner Mark Davis will error on the side of patience before making changes at the very top – you can take that to the bank.

Fire Reggie McKenzie!”

This theory is the worst of the worst. A year after McKenzie signed an extension and is named ‘Executive of the Year’, he isn’t good enough to keep his job? No thanks on that. How quickly we forget how bad things were in Oakland before McKenzie arrived. The Raiders roster is young and the outlook is extremely bright. No go get a linebacker, Reggie, and get everyone off your back.

What it most definitely not a hot take is that the Raiders need to beat the Chargers on Sunday. Only four teams in the Super Bowl era have made the playoffs after starting 2-5.

If the Raiders lose to the Chargers (with Kansas City up next), 2-5 would become a very real possibility.

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