Agents Believe Raiders Did Right By Letting Khalil Mack Get Paid Somewhere Else

The Raiders may have temporarily lost their sanity when they traded Khalil Mack, but they did earn a little street credibility among the NFL’s community of agents.

Why, you ask?

Well, generally because they were foolish in handling the final year of Mack’s contract and instead of leveraging that year, the Raiders basically gave it away to the Bears. Chicago essentially gets a free season of the league’s best defensive player (his bargain $13.8M cap number this season is the same) since the Raiders don’t collect draft picks until after the season.

There probably isn’t another team in the league that would have ripped up Mack’s final year the way the Raiders did. This excerpt from a story by Justis Mosqueda of details why agents were pleased to see the Raiders let Mack off the hook for the final year of his rookie deal:

“While the media narratives have mostly revolved around the negatives of the Mack deal, like draft picks Chicago lost just to pay Mack a record deal, the fact that Oakland gave back a second-round pick and that the Raiders were unable to re-sign their best pick in over a decade, but most agents were actually fans of this move considering the circumstances.

From their perspective, the team showed that if they were not going to pay players at market price, they would at least move players to teams that would. The reality of football is that most contracts are primarily motivated by money, with winning, fan bases and organizations playing secondary roles.

By moving Mack to the Bears, the Raiders gave him the opportunity to get what he wanted: a market-setting second contract.”

Such a charitable guy, that Jon Gruden.

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6 thoughts on “Agents Believe Raiders Did Right By Letting Khalil Mack Get Paid Somewhere Else

  1. Mack is history,let’s stp talking about it and move on. When we beat the Rams Monday everything will get back to great again.

  2. If they’re not gonna pay him let him leave. Or he’ll just end up having the organization for franchising him. It’s not working out for the Steelers or Seahawks too well.

  3. The “agents approve”, no sh#* they approve! It’s like sharks approving we all go swimming when they’re hungry. Agents want their clients to go where the biggest check is. They don’t care who pays as long it’s the highest amount possible.

  4. Let’s just take a step back and look at the situation Mark Davis was already on the hook for Carr and Grueden. I understand Grueden money doesn’t count against the cap. The 100 million Chucky got was actually Mack money! They got caught with their pants down with his holdout so they tried to play him so they could use the franchise tag on him for the next 2 years….Cut the BS they owe the Raidernation the truth!

  5. I’m hoping Mack has a stellar season but the Bears have the worst record so we could get a top if not a high pick.

    Wishful thinking, but you never know!

  6. To all The RAIDER NATION, yes it hard to digest seeing our best player traded. But we are hard and strong. The ride and die have seen much turnoil. Let’s support Chuucky like we did before, if he fails then he must go. SILVER & BLACK till I die, GO RAIDERS!

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