Report: Seth Roberts The Raiders No. 3 Receiver, To Play Primarily In The Slot

The more things change in Oakland, the more they stay the same.

Once thought to be on the trade block and/or the roster bubble, Seth Roberts looks to have returned to his familiar role as the Raiders no. 3 receiver and according to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Roberts will be the team’s primary slot receiver.

“Last year, no wide receiver saw more offensive snaps for the Raiders than Roberts with 752,” Michael Gehlken wrote on Thursday in the Review-Journal. “He ranked third in the category the previous two seasons. Here the club stands, another year, and Roberts is due to work as the primary slot option come Monday’s opener against the Los Angeles Rams. Others could see work inside, too.”

Others could see work inside, too?

Hopefully that’s a nod to Amari Cooper, who has excelled in the slot over his career, but has been wildly inconsistent on the outside.

Wherever they lineup, Gruden deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to where the receivers play. But it might be nice to see Cooper work against more nickel cornerbacks this year considering the way he has torched them in the past.

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2 thoughts on “Report: Seth Roberts The Raiders No. 3 Receiver, To Play Primarily In The Slot

  1. The only reason he got the most snaps is because he was the best blocking WR on the team, NOT because he was a special WR.

    1. Best blocking WR along with injuries to Cooper and suspension for Crabtree. He was the last man standing.

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