Aldon Smith Not Expected To Return To Raiders Anytime Soon

As Aldon Smith approaches the two-year anniversary of his suspension, many are beginning to wonder if he’ll ever play another game in the NFL.

There was some optimism that Smith had good news coming in May – but those reports were actually sourced to Smith himself, and three months later the Raiders All-Pro linebacker remains in pro football purgatory.

A source with knowledge of the situation told that the Raiders “aren’t holding their breath” for Smith to be reinstated. Essentially, no news is expected anytime soon.

The team is not permitted to contact Smith during his suspension, but the stipulation does not extend to the players on the team.

A rumor placed Smith at a party (with teammate Sean Smith no less) in July and suggested that the suspended linebacker was no longer in football shape. Of course that was only a rumor (albeit from a confirmed twitter account) and to his credit, Smith has generally stayed out of the public eye – and just as importantly, away from social media.

It isn’t clear what kind of help Smith has been receiving since his banishment from the league. For that matter, it isn’t even public information what he needs to do to be reinstated.

What is clear is that Smith’s career is slipping away and his window of opportunity is getting smaller every day. Maybe he’ll one day wear the silver and black again… but it’s starting to feel like a long shot.

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8 thoughts on “Aldon Smith Not Expected To Return To Raiders Anytime Soon

  1. A sad situation indeed. I had high hopes for this guy wearing Silver and Black on the field. Let the man play for crying out loud and a chance to excel. If not at least tell the man something!! That’s the part that is least understandable, SMH, BIGTIME!

    1. It doesn’t sound like he wants to play; if he’s still partying and out of shape, he probably won’t be much use either. Not worth it for the Raiders to have someone who might kill another person/child any given day driving intoxicated. Talk about a “sad situation.”

  2. Rodger badell is not above the law. He is an over paid douche lawyer that really thinks that he can do as he wishes. Let ALDON play he has served his time and if he repeats his BS then throw him out for life. People make mistakes and he has been punished. 40 million to be a commissioner, what a joke. The owners are ALL at fault for this. 1 NATION AND ONLY 1 NATION ” RAIDER NATION”!!!!!!!!!

    1. “…thinks that he can do as he wishes.”

      he doesn’t THINK he can.. he can.
      if he couldn’t, then he wouldn’t.

  3. Let’s remember that the writer of the article said that the party was a “rumor”. He has stayed out of the public eye and social media. No outsider would know if he is out of football shape. Only Aldon knows that. I still think he wants to contribute to the team. What I’m most angry about is that the coaches and organization cannot have contact with the troubled player. These players need constant positive role models throughout any rehab situation. That’s what is sad. I hope Aldon can return to the field. The Raiders may still be able to get the best abilities and skill that this player has to offer.

  4. Smith was in great shape, not sure where you heard that but immediately dubious article.

  5. I remember Aldon Smith from college. He was the superstar who acted like it. Never went to class. Somehow drove a fancy car. Only cared about parties and girls and looking cool.

    What’s really sad is that he could have been one of the all time greats. He could have put away millions and be nearing retirement age by now. The guy was all raw talent and strength. If only he had a marginally decent attitude and appreciation for the opportunity he was given. Now he’s setting himself up for a hard life.

    He’s going to be a poster child for what might have been.

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