Aldon Smith Reportedly Involved In Overnight Domestic Incident

UPDATE: Aldon Smith has reportedly been found and has checked himself into rehab.

If the dispatch call was any indication, it sounds like Smith was under the influence of alcohol during the altercation.

The recording says the “suspect (Aldon Smith) bit her (confirmed to be his fiancé) on the wrist and climbed out the window… he’s had two full bottles of tequila, it’s possible he’s going back to his address.”

A portion of the dispatch call is linked below.

UPDATE: NBC Sports Bay Area has confirmed a report that Aldon Smith was involved in a domestic dispute early Sunday morning and that “non-life threatening injuries” were sustained by a victim.

At the time of the report, Smith was not yet in custody and authorities were asking that anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact police.

There is still no public information available regarding the identity of the victim or the specific nature of the incident.


According to a Sunday morning report on Twitter, Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith was involved in a domestic incident overnight in which he fled the scene.

Smith has mostly stayed out of the public eye over the past 12 months, but was recently engaged, and seemed to be maybe turning his life in a better direction.

If the report happens to be true and Smith was involved in a domestic incident, it would probably spell the end of his tenure with the Raiders.

The team has stood by Smith since his suspension in November of 2015, but general manager Reggie McKenzie has been clear that the Raiders’ focus has been on doing what’s best for Smith off the field.

Considering league rules don’t allow the Raiders to have contact with Smith while suspended and on the roster, they may actually be able to help him best by simply releasing him – which certainly seems like a backwards way of thinking but is apparently the way the NFL likes it.

Of course, it would be best if the report was simply untrue altogether.

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6 thoughts on “Aldon Smith Reportedly Involved In Overnight Domestic Incident

  1. Hahaha this guy is too much! First doesn’t pay his child support, next day asks for a break from it, next day announces he wants to get married…a week later, domestic incident…****, no one saw this coming.

    1. I guess that’s where opinions factor in….What you deem funny I consider sad

  2. Still, I blame Goodell, if Aldon was a Raider and had all that support, I think he would have been fine.

    1. Blame Goodell? This idiot has screwed up his life time and time again. He just doesnt get it. He belongs in jail.

      Goodell probably correct by keeping this criminal out of the league so he will no longer be an embarrasment to the league.

      Raiders please disassociate ourselves from this woman beater and future cell mate.

      1. You talk like you know the guy …No one knows what’s going on in someone’s head when these things happen , I truly believe with the proper help and if the correct issue is addressed he could get straightened out….That is unless it’s up to folks like yourself

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