Jon Gruden Has Reportedly Simplified Some Of His Play-Calling Verbiage

One of the topics swirling around Jon Gruden’s return has been the question of how well he’ll transition into the modern NFL.

The league has evolved since Gruden’s final campaign in Tampa Bay, but so apparently has Gruden.

One of the adjustments Gruden seems to have made is a shift from the confusing verbiage he was known for in Tampa Bay.

According to David Carr, speaking during Saturday’s events at the NFL Combine, Gruden has simplified some of the language to his offense.

“I know first hand the terminology is not going to be, I mean Jon’s going to have his verbiage, but it’s not going to be what it once was where it was a paragraph to get the play called.”

It’s an interesting nugget from the brother of Derek Carr and also a good indication Derek has already begun to learn aspects of Gruden’s offense despite the fact that NFL’s collective bargaining agreement doesn’t allow coaches and players to meet until April 9.

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