Aldon Smith’s Deal With Raiders Will Now Extend Through 2018

With news today that the NFL will not reinstate Aldon Smith before the season’s end, many are wondering how his season-long absence will affect his contract with the Raiders.

First, the two-year deal Smith signed in April did not include a signing bonus or guaranteed money. The deal also covered the Raiders in the case Smith was not reinstated in November or beyond.

Smith obviously won’t see any per-game money this season and the remainder of his deal is tied up in workout bonuses and statistical incentives – both of which he cannot earn without being on the field.

As for the first year of his two-year deal, former agent and CBS Sports salary cap expert, Joel Corry, tells that Smith will not be given credit for the 2016 season and his contract with the Raiders will now run through the 2018 season. That means unless he is released, Smith will not hit free agency until he is 29.

According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL plans to revisit Smith’s case on March 15, 2017.

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18 thoughts on “Aldon Smith’s Deal With Raiders Will Now Extend Through 2018

  1. What would have amounted to Millions of dollars made this year and a complete season in the books without (1) tackle, sack QB pressure or any other defensive play made……enough is enough. #REINSTATEALDONSMITH

  2. Would’ve been a positive step in Eldon Smith’s life, if the NFL reinstated him. With the commish’ decision to wait till March of ’17, only discourages a man who has done everything to make amends for smoking a joint. Crazy!!! I wonder how many owners have a “puff” now & then. But the hired help….. Update your Drug Policy!!!Stop the use of Opiods & Replace w/Cannibinoids!!! & GO RAIDERS GO MCGLOIN!!!

    1. Dude, he’s not suspended for smoking a joint. He’s suspended for his 5th run in with he law which included DUI, hit and run and vandalism. He just prolonged his own suspension by posting a video of himyself getting high. What a genius this guy is. I want him back as bad as the next guy but he brought this all on himself.

    1. Indy Colts owner busted Oxy’s he went 2 rehab does he have 2 piss test? wonder what happened 2 his legal hassles

  3. Goodell is bad for football and even worse for the black man where is the naacp. Why is Randy Gregory allowed to play and so many others because he is in Jerry Jones pocket like he is in Willington Mara pocket

  4. The decision is horrible considering all the other
    Players with the same or worse problems being reinstated l think this a slight at raiders organization some
    Sort punishment for raiders thinking about going to Las Vegas, typical of NFL and owners who are cohoots to keep the raiders from going on a playoff run. Trying to right playoffs don’t want Tom baby to get hit and hurt when we play them.

  5. Well i hope this young can get his life on track and get back on the field he is an outstanding player with that being said he has to get his life in order first

  6. Hard to get anyone’s life in order when they’re out of work most people who are out of work leads to drinking and drugs. As of right now Goodell has forced him to live like a welfare recipient. Let’s be honest here Aldon Smith has a lot of nice things and no money coming in at all we have seen Mike Tyson lose everything because he couldn’t get a paycheck Aldon Smith is going to be in the same position. I wonder how any of us would do if we were fired from a job for over a year with nice size mortgages and anything else that we owned we would probably lose within a year or two it’s a shame that not only has he been fired he has been forced not to be able to work indefinitely. I pray for the poor soul that he is not on a NFL show saying where are they now

  7. Typical , the NFL elites hate the Raiders! They are Revengeful to get back at Al Davis for suing the NFL. This why they ruled in favor of the Rams to return to Los Angeles, even when the Raiders Coliseum is the oldest and only one that still plays both baseball and football at the same stadium. **** they even ruled that the Chargers ahead of the Raiders returning to L.A. Now with ruling on Aldon Smith. Everyone knows the truth that this NFL commissioner is bias and needs to be replaced.

  8. I’ve never heard this much bitching and moaning about changing a drug policy until it affected the Raiders…”stop your **** sniveling she son!” Its Aldon…this isn’t his first run in and it won’t be the last!

  9. How did he bring this upon himself. So what you are saying in that video that there is really no proof that it is him he is guilty and it was okay the commissioner fucked him around for 12weeks with not a word whether he was suspended or going to be reinstated,!! So I wonder why you’re such a sympathizer for Goodell. Even if you’re not a Raider fan which I don’t think you are. most everyone thinks this is completely unfair every article out there just about thinks this is completely unfair and off the wall. No offense buddy but you’re an idiot

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