Matt McGloin Is King Of The Social Media #Block

With Sunday’s injury to Derek Carr, few are counting the Raiders as a legitimate contender in the AFC. With fourth-year quarterback Matt McGloin preparing to take the helm, the underdog Raiders are now led by the most underdog of quarterbacks.

Listed generously at 6’1, McGloin is anything but an NFL prototype. He wasn’t initially offered a scholarship at Penn State. He wasn’t taken in the NFL draft (despite breaking a number of passing records at Penn State), and wasn’t supposed to stick with the Raiders – much less be on the team four years later.

Through it all, the 27 year-old “Red Rifle” has become a master at blocking the noise – quite literally. For the past several years McGloin has accomplished a successful social media campaign of blocking media and others from his twitter account. Whom exactly does he block? The results greatly vary, but media accounts were first to go – locally, almost all of them.

Fan accounts aren’t safe, either – even those unaware of McGloin’s presence on social media.

Yes, it’s very real. Matt McGloin is the Dikembe Mutombo of twitter swats. Whether you follow him or not, Matt can and will find you on twitter. And when he does, it won’t be to talk.


twitter: @raidersbeat