Analyst Says Derek Carr Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing, So Let’s Look at 5 Incriminating Stats From the Raiders Quarterback Dumbo

On Friday, a media pundit by the name of Skip Bayless Sam Monson talked about Derek Carr’s first two games of the year and described him as a quarterback that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Monson and a pal cracked jokes and painted Carr as a buffoon, so, with our newfound football knowledge, let’s get into the statistical detail of what a quarterback nitwit looks like in the NFL.

This is going to make perfect sense.

Top 5 Quarterback Completion Percentage

A quarterback who doesn’t know what he is doing should complete 73.5% of his passes, as Carr is doing this year. When receivers consistently catch passes from the quarterback, it reflects poorly on the quarterback. Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson lead the league in completion percentage this year, but they are having excellent seasons despite their ability to get the ball to their receivers.

Second Best Quarterback on Third Down in the NFL

On third downs this year, Carr’s stat line reads 15-18 (83.3% completion), 163 yards, 9.1 YPA, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. Due to those figures, the Raiders have the second-best third-down conversation percentage in the NFL (57.1) and lead the league in total third-down conversions (tied with the Rams at 16).

This is a problem.

With third downs converted at this rate, the Raiders offense has fewer opportunities to get to fourth down where they are 2-2 this year. It’s just simple math. Furthermore, the Raiders have an excellent punter in A.J. Cole who deserves opportunities that, as of now, he isn’t getting. Punters matter too and it feels like Carr is squandering the best years of Cole’s career.

Zero interceptions through two games

Not once have the Raiders turned the ball over through the air this year. If Carr doesn’t throw interceptions, the Raiders defense has a more difficult time getting on the field. Ordinarily, that would be a good thing, but in this case it’s a bad thing and it’s all because Carr doesn’t know what he’s doing.

115.0 Quarterback Rating

Among quarterbacks who have thrown at least 50 passes this year, Carr has the fifth-best quarterback rating in the NFL. The four quarterbacks ahead of Carr on that list are 8-0, which is purely coincidence.

Quarterback ratings are an outdated stat as Pro Football Focus proved last week when they gave Drew Brees a better overall game grade than Carr. Brees missed several easy throws on Monday night and his interception to Nicholas Morrow before the half was one of the worst you will see all year.

But playing quarterback is all about being inclusive and anyone who isn’t willing to acknowledge Brees’ ability to raise the level of the Raider defense is guilty of football bigotry. Quarterback grades should be determined by what a quarterback is able to do for both teams, not just their own.

No. 4 Scoring Offense in the NFL

Only the undefeated Ravens, undefeated Seahawks, and undefeated Packers have scored more points per games than the undefeated Raiders through two games, but that has nothing to do with quarterback play. An offense should not be judged by wins or points scored. Offenses should be judged by hot takes from dudes who have never played football.


Because absolute football knowledge corrupts absolutely.

Stats have a tendency to be biased. Wisecracking media pundits in a manicured vestibule are more relatable to the common folk and are therefore more trustworthy.

It’s a shame it took us until the year 2020 to figure this out.

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50 thoughts on “Analyst Says Derek Carr Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing, So Let’s Look at 5 Incriminating Stats From the Raiders Quarterback Dumbo

  1. Agreed, he won’t put the Raiders on jod back like Stabler #12 or Plunkett #16. He is a Stat munched and this doesn’t win SuperBowls. His O coordinator doesn’t help much with short passing the two times Olsen has been with the Raiders dreadfully. Olsen/ Gruden offense doesn’t inform Carr to roll left or right to tire and confuse the defense (more velocity and momentum for each throw). Carr flips the ball 1/2 to 1 1/2 second too late to WR. He doesn’t lead his receivers very well. GM Mayock needed to sign Cam Newton (athletic Prowess) to mentor a future drafted QB Joe Burrow and challenge Carr. Life is about all kinds of challenges that’s what makes people great and never content, always striving for improvements.

      1. You guys can’t do any better then him. All you guys do is criticize and judge but yet I havent seen any of you out there doing anything like he can. He’s going to show all of you who doubt him that he’s good at what he does and nothing can stop him. If you guys say he’s bad then you obviously don’t know what your doing

        1. I think the analyst are smoking crack. Care is showing everyone why he is a top 10 quarterback and the haters can’t except it.

          1. So when Brady and the cheater did it it was okay to throw the pass every 2 to 3 seconds as quick as you could to get it out and occasionally down the field but that was okay when a cheater is doing it it sucks that your team lost but that’s no reason to judge our quarterback because they kicked your don’t be mad because breezes out and no one cares who dat Anymore haters going to hate and we going to win

      1. SARCASM….ever hear of it?
        The post is using this clever nuance (that many of you commenting here are not understanding) to drive home the point that Derek Carr is having a great season so far and haters like Sam Monson (Skip Bayless?) needs to have a Coke and a smile and STFU!!

        1. OK men, Attention ! When you signed up for the Sports Army you were told you are to follow orders ! I’m ordering all of you to erase everything you’ve ever seen about football from your minds, clear your memories of the experience that you’ve gather and wisely stored away over the years. Once th hats completed , I order you to never place all of your trust in your own judgement , or your own eyes or ears. I instruct you to especially not rely on video of QB’s wirh names like Baugh, Graham, Lane, Starr, Jurgenson Unitas, Namath, Brodie, Greise, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Dawson, Staubach, Stabler Fouts, Kelly, Plunkett, Elway, Moon, Montana, Aikman, Marino, Esaison. , Warner, Favre, Brady, Rothliesburger, and all the good ones playing today . Forget all memory and History . And one last instruction …..
          “””” I order you to simultaneously forget all those great football names and use your experience and judgement and place every ounce of fiber of your trust into S K I P. !
          Any questions ? No ? Good !
          At Ease Carry on……,!
          Skip Bayless .! Anybody out there have idea who died and left SKIP in chaNrge of all that is QB ! In the world ? I’d like to know where S K I P got all of his knowledge ? Being from Big D , he would only get his experience from seeing Troy Aikman or watching video of Roger Staubach ! Other than and inbetween those 2 , the space in the Dallas Cowboy hall of fame reserved for QB’s is pretty Damm bare. That bare space will not be filled anytime soon by the names of Jason Garrett, Scott Pueller, Steve Walsh, Steve Buerlin, Quincy Jones, Tony Romo and especially Dak Presscott. We took on a lot of criticism when we gave Carr the Mother Lode. That was nothing. Compared to us on Carr’s contract , What Dallas did when re contracting with Presscott was they gave a larger amount (40%) more money to a
          QB with 75% less talent. All right under Skip Bayless’s nose.
          If anybody has ammo to criticize their home team QB , its him !

    1. Looks like that last guy that left his comment must be Sam Monson (Skip Bayless) from his burner account. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Are you kidding me. Carr brought the raiders back to win the Saints game. Whoever this Monson guy is , he doesn’t know what he is talking about!!!!! . Carr is a solid quarterback.!!!! . By the way , Nobody
      Companies to THE SNAKE!!!!! .

    3. Im hoping with all this knowledge that the writer has actually played the game cause some of the aforementioned takes could be Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs

    4. Let the haters keep hating! Carr keep doing what you’re doing! Eventually they’ll get tired of all the ways they try to spin it to the negative and move on to some other player! Rating Whores will say anything just to get eyeballs to the set

    5. You guys think you know it all. If Carr can’t produce they have Marriota as back up who can. You saw what they can do against a team who was supposed to be more formible than them and they lost by 10. I was at that game outside there stadium. We fans are always loyal and that backs the team to progress and do the unthinkable. Don’t underestimate Grudan and Mayock.

  2. I’m not a Carr fanatic nor a Carr hater. I shouldn’t even have to say that really…just a Raiders fan.

    But whatever someone thinks of Derek…this, my friend, is gold. Brilliant.

    1. Carr is not the problem, sure you’d like him to get the ball deep more often. That’s our tradition all the way back to lamonica, blanda…
      The defense is young it needs to step up and play better

  3. So the only response so far thpught ghat the satire they just read was real and agreed. Boy folks sure are slow sometimes

  4. So the only response so far thought that the satire they just read was real and agreed. Boy folks sure are slow sometimes

    1. Always hating on Derek. He is playing an effective game and should get more respect. But these analysts are just sleazy reporters that stir up fake scandals to get ratings.

  5. Throw everything out the window..they said stuff about stabler and plunket. I would not care short, long, medium, to many seconds, not enough seconds, go to left, go to to the right… bottom line “just win baby”. Rip..Al Davis.

    1. **** right. Haters don’t know anything. I don’t see him out there doing what car can do. He showed up that game and did what he had to do. They can’t do any better and that’s the only fact in this **** publish.

    2. When I was 11 years old I was in New Orleans, Louisiana to watch the OAKLAND Raiders destroy the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 in the Superbowl and I’ve blead silver and black since so I feel that my knowledge of not only the Raiders but of football itself qualifies me to comment here. The Raiders organization has always been hated! It’s us against the world literally and because of that, we’ll always get these numb nuts people (in this case unbiased opinion analysts!), who really should stick to the facts and dump their ignorant opinions on their wives and children! What ever happened to sticking to the facts because that’s your job… to give us the facts and in this case the facts and your opinions are very different. My advice to Skip is to skip how you feel about something and just give the facts!

  6. I don’t think mr.rupert dones realized you were being sarcastic in the article. I loved the article….they’re is gonna be a lot of crows being served around sports pundits dinner tables all through the season. I put 100 bucks on Derek carr to win the mvp this year at 60-1 .I’m kind of scared that he gets snubbed because most of these people won’t be able to admit they’re wrong…I really thought that the hater talk would stop after Monday but they keep digging themselves deeper…may they all have nightmares of the RAIDERS hoisting the Lombardi trophy…keep up good work calling out haters…go RAIDERS!!!!

  7. Raider fan for 51 years. Some good years and obviously some not so good. I’m not a Carr lover or hater but the facts are the facts. He’s doing well and if he can keep this going maybe the haters will shut up. A win in New England would go a long long way. Let’s face it Raider Nation….people love to “dis” the Raiders….but we’re used to it.

  8. “Wasting the best years of our punters life”. 🤣😂🤣
    This is a funny @#!%’n article. I get it. Sarcasm at its finest

  9. I hate it when people don’t pay attention. It’s called sarcasm! Come on knuckle heads, go back to school or just learn how to read and be able to comprehend it.

  10. You should change your career. You would make a great “Weatherman”. They don’t have to get it right either!

  11. Great Article…that Rupert guy who commented first was totally out witted by sarcasm. He must work with those so called analysts.

  12. He may not be flashy or a show boat QB… He’s a surgeon on the field precise and on point. A leader! He reminds me of Rich Gannon or Kurt Warner.

  13. He gonna to win MVP!!! But will he really cuz of all these raider haters, y’all know they suns of bitches… Even if he puts up the stat line wins and everything else that counts, these radar haters ain’t going to allow it. So you can shove it up your ***, and carr He’s going to leave these riders to a super bowl!!! And he going to win it, but he won’t win super bowl MVP, because of all these haters that hate the writer Nation and we used to it, but you know in your heart that carr is franchise quarterback… Bring Marcus Mariota in it just fuels car same with all these comments about how terrible he is. Wasting the best years of our punter’s life what the ****, car keeps the punter off the field he’s doing the job. One of the best completion percentages in the NFL, one of has some of the most touchdown throws in the NFL, yeah this dude’s doing his job this mutherfucker doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!!!

  14. I thought Derek Carr and my Raiders had “won” the Saints game. I was so wrong and I am so ashamed. On every single pass play, there were just as many “open” Saints players, but our biased quarterback, Derek Carr, exposed his partiality by completing passes to only Raider receivers. I just can’t believe that so many of us have been willing victims of “football bigotry” for so long.

  15. For those of you who don’t like Carr, you need to look at old film of Marc Wilson, Rusty Hilger, Jamarcus Russell, or even Jay Scheoder. You’ll appreciate Carr a lot more. He outplayed both Bridgewater and Brees. What in the hell do you want?

  16. Love the RAIDERS. They are a good team. It’s just we gotta get MORE aggressive on the Run. Carr has some great receivers. His history has shown he is not consistent ENUFF. I feel we need a better Q.B. in that Saints game he a few throws were way off MAN WAS WIDE OPEN. ANYWAYS HERE WE GO LETS SEE HOW LONG HE’LL LAST. HOPEFULLY HE WILL PROVE ME WRONG.

  17. Love the RAIDERS. They are a good team. It’s just we gotta get MORE aggressive on the Run. Carr has some great receivers. His history has shown he is not consistent ENUFF. I feel we need a better Q.B. in that Saints game he a few throws were way off MAN WAS WIDE OPEN. ANYWAYS HERE WE GO LETS SEE HOW LONG HE’LL LAST. HOPEFULLY HE WILL PROVE ME WRONG.

  18. Your stats are going to be inflated, if you dink and dunk, and don’t take any risks. I mean, Derek Carr costs the raiders games by his unwillingness to even attempt to make big plays.

    The Patriots felt comfortable running the ball the entire game, because they knew there was no chance of any quick scores.

  19. I mean, how often do you see the leagues best QBs (Mahomes, Jackson, Brady, Rodgers etc) just put the ball in places, where their receiver has a chance to make a play? All the time. They’re not waiting for guys to get open. If they did that, they’d have 75% accuracy and zero interceptions as well.

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