Another Trip To Haiti For Derek Carr And Group Of Former Teammates

If you follow Derek Carr on social media, you are probably already aware of the special interest he has taken for the people of Haiti.

This year, Carr and a group that included former Raiders Latavius Murray, Jamize Olawale, and Taiwan Jones traveled to Haiti and documented their trip in a pair (more are probably out there) of videos.

The first clip is a short overview of the trip followed by a longer YouTube version that shows more about the purpose and particular details about the trip – including Murray’s daily struggle to get out of bed on time.

The second video (below) includes a link at the end where you can give to the people of Haiti through the same organization that hosted Carr’s group.

What stands out most is the poverty (huts and the bug nets) so many of the people of Haiti are born into and the remarkable need they have for help.

What else stood out was the butt-whooping a handful of Haitian children put on a group of professional football players.

Where you at, Giorgio Tavecchio?

For anyone interested, the link where you can donate is here.

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  1. I believe in helping others who cannot help themselves. I went to missions in Vietnam and Thailand. I help those here less fortunate than myself. Spreading the good news is a wonderful thing. It makes you stronger and is addictive. I wish I could help in other countries in addition to what I am doing here in Clovis, CA. I am a 100% T/P disabled Iraq Veteran that can still help. I am just happy to be here. My wife is my caregiver and she wants to help as well. God Bless…

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