Antonio Brown: I Would “Look Forward” to Playing For Jon Gruden (and the Raiders?) Again

Antonio Brown would welcome a reunion with Jon Gruden.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club this week, Brown confirmed again that he and Gruden have been in contact and it sure sounds like AB would like another chance to play for the Raiders.

“I think Jon Gruden was always one of my big supporters,” Brown said. “I think he want to see me, you know, get back out there and kind of get out the washer machine. I think when I played with the Raiders we always used to talk, he’d be like ‘Man, you was dynamic, but this day you was emotional. You know it just come with being in new places. I think if it happened to be a second chance with him I look forward to it.”

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He wants to see me get back.” #Raiders

Certainly Brown comes up with some crazy ideas, but it’s worth noting that Gruden has always had patience with Brown – arguably to a fault. But in this case, it’s well within the realm of possibility that Gruden and Brown have been staying in touch.

Is it possible that Gruden is leaving the door open for Brown to return?

If so, he’ll probably have a hard time getting it by his general manager and team owner… and the rest of the players for that matter.

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26 thoughts on “Antonio Brown: I Would “Look Forward” to Playing For Jon Gruden (and the Raiders?) Again

  1. Oh … Hell no ! What else is there ., That ship has sailed ! You burned your bridge … So now go ., Walk out the door don’t turn around now ! Your not welcome any more …we will survive

    1. Agreed, hey I don’t wish anything bad , for anyone
      But that belief also included the Raiders

    1. Agreed again
      Not just to the Raiders, but seemingly to everyone he comes into contact with and does not appreciated his greatness
      He’s not a great man a very very good football player and that’s about it

  2. Since Mark Davis is throwing money away, giving Jon Gruden 10 million a year and Derek Carr 25 million a year, why not entertain the possibility of bringing Antonio Brown back? Antonio Brown is certainly hungry for another shot at the NFL, the Raiders are hungry for a wide receiver with Antonio Brown’s resume. The Raiders would certainly have a contract structured with behavioral clauses to release Antonio Brown with minimal liability and rightfully so. Antonio Brown would get a “prove it” type of contract and he would not be the first player with questionable character issues that the Raiders have had a history of signing. DO IT before someone else does. The Raiders have absolutely NOTHING to lose at this point. If Antonio Brown can and does give the Raiders ANYTHING productive then great. If he doesn’t then they can cut him and lose virtually NOTHING. Finally, an opportunity to make an Al Davis like move for a minimal risk.

  3. Yeah let’s let the prima donna mental patient disrupt and disrespect another Raider team.

  4. I’ve been wanting to have a a couple of winning seasons and gruden is making it tuff to be a raiders fan anymore his vanilla offense not being able to adapt and definetly not no qb guru. That’s for sure. Get Tom brady and thats 3 more losing seasons. Let mayock do his job cause he will be the best GM in the league over the next 10 years . Gruden sucks just ask the chiefs they know his playbook like the back of there hand. No Tom brady let him lose somewhere else please. We as fans deserve better coaching than were getting

    1. Been a die hard Raider fan since the 60’s. Do whatever it takes to get Josh Allen, two blazing fast ends and a couple of tight ends as tough as Dave Casper.

      Josh Allen completed a 73 yard pass that actually went 73 yards in the air not a 5 yard pass that the guy ran 68 yards with.

  5. If he has fixed his problems with himself and the Raiders team. Then yes bring him because he does owe the team and to the Raiders Nation.

  6. And us fans. AB has a long ways to go before I can look at him as someone who has his head on straight. It seems like he has hit rock bottom and is showing signs of digging. It really does.

  7. Brown has amazing talent but his off the field behavior and self discipline (big mouth) is just to much of a distraction for any team that would wants to sign him!

  8. Tom Brady!!! As a Raider Nah. But as a O C yeah the guy can read Defences He’s the Best at it / the Raiders got plenty young talent they just don’t stick with it Why Draft a player if you’re not using a 4year Window with Him / Let the team play Ball Football is a Team game every man Up give them their plays and Kick @$$ RN4L 67an DC is a Q bck. Get a Wr, Lbr,an DL go get edge Vic B.

  9. If an athlete is good and entertaining then let him show his skills… There is a little boy or girl out there watching him with the TV only tuned in to his playing ability. His personal life isn’t ours to judge he is only an entertainer. . NFL is a hard enough sport chillnand let them play..

  10. AB got the physical tools but not the mental to be a nfl receiver. See what he did to training camp. Imagine trying to roll a whole season with him . Terrible roll model for rookies. He thinks he plays by a different set of rules than rest of team. He still has court dates may never be eligible to play again.

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