Report: Raiders Prepared to Offer Tom Brady $60 Million Over 2 Years

Another day, another Derek Carr rumor.

According to former beat writer Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the Raiders are preparing to make an offer to soon-to-be-free-agent Tom Brady in the amount of $60 million over two years.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr. on Twitter

I’m told 🏈Las Vegas is prepared to offer @TomBrady $60 million over 2 years.

Brady will turn 43 before the season begins, but he has been the most prolific free agent (or will be if he doesn’t re-sign with the Patriots first) to hit the market since Reggie White.

The Raiders, among other teams, have been linked to Brady over the past few weeks and the rumors will probably intensify when the scouting combine kicks off at the end of the month. But something to remember over the next few weeks: we are right in the middle of lying season on the NFL calendar.

So process your football information accordingly.

One other note on Brady. If he leaves the Patriots, expect him to pick the team that best fits his legacy going forward. Money will be important, but it probably won’t be the determining factor on where he signs.

Odds on Brady returning to the Patriots still feel like they belong somewhere around 90 percent.

As for the Raiders… one percent, maybe?

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5 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Prepared to Offer Tom Brady $60 Million Over 2 Years

  1. Problem I see is age and his level of play now. It won’t get better going forward.
    The amount of money is crazy considering his likely use as bench sitter, possibly mentoring a rookie.

  2. hes old an cant move if your after get a qb that atleast move out of the pocket he wouldnt last the year never lone 2

  3. OH HELL NO . If you thought you were 2 years away from a superbowl contender maybe. But still I expect him to get worse ,wasn’t great last year . If we get a different QB hes gotta be able to run for 1st downs . Besides I hve rooted against Brady my whole life it seems

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